Говоримо англійською - 40 розмовних тем - Л. П. Ільєнко 1997

Texts on specialities

New words and word-combinations to be remembered:

transformation трансформація

electronic technique електронна технологія

communication зв’язок

defence оборона

entertaining дозвілля

Industrial application промислове застосування

control gauging контрольне вимірювання

large-scale integrated circuit велика інтегральна схема

automated line автоматична лінія

automated unit автоматичний вузол

tо ensure гарантувати, забезпечувати

reliable надійний

to penetrate проникати

household appliance побутовий прилад

artificial intelligence штучний інтелект

advantage перевага

due to завдяки

Electronics is a science which studies the properties of electrons, the laws of their motion, the laws of the transformation of various kinds of energy through the media of electrons, The basic elements in electronics are the electron tube and the transistor. Electronic techniques are applied in many fields, including industry, communication, defence and entertaining.

Industrial electronics is the science of electronic processes, It deals with the technology of design, construction of electronic devices. The industrial application of electronics includes control gauging, counting and measuring, speed regulations, etc.

The research in the field of electronics gave us radar devices, computers, tape-recorders betatron and a lot of medical tools. Semiconductor devices which have replaced electron tubes reduce the size of instruments.

The appearance of the transistor made a great progress in the development of the field. It was the first step in miniaturization of electronic devices. Then it led to the development of large-scale integrated circuits. Now hundreds of circuits can be placed on the space of one square inch.

Electronics makes a great contribution to automation. Electronic computers have provided the basis for the construction of automatic lines, automated units, shops and whole plants, tools with programmed control, robots and manipulators,

Radio-electronic systems ensure reliable communication with space-ships and space stations, satellites. Electronics has penetrated into all the spheres of human activity from household appliances to artificial intelligence. Electronics has a lot of advantages due to its microscope size, high speed, low cost and reliability, Today it is the most perspective and dynamic technology.

I. Answer the following questions:

1. What is electronic as a science?

2. Where are electronic techiques applied?

3. What is industrial electronics?

4. What are the stages in the development of electronics?

5. What contribution does electronics make to different branches of industry and science?

6. What are the advantages of electronics?

II. Speak on electronics using the following word-combinations: Speciality — electronics:

— to study, the properties of electrons, the laws of their motion and transformation;

— electron tube and transistor, to be the basic elements;

Industrial electronics:

— to deal with, the technology of design, construction and application of electronic devices (control gauging, counting, measuring, speed regulations);

Miniaturization of electronic devices:

— vacuum tube -> transistor -> large-scale integrated circuits.

Fields of application:

— electronics techniques, to be applied in: computers, automatic Jines, automated plants and shops, tools with programmed control, robots, manupulators, radioelectronic systems, in space research, communication, in all spheres of human activity.

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