Говоримо англійською - 40 розмовних тем - Л. П. Ільєнко 1997

Texts on specialities
My speciality (economist-engineer)

New words and word-combinations to be remembered:

speciality фах

consumer goods товари широкого вжитку

labour and wage праця і зарплата

management bodies органи управління

knowledge знання

skills вміння

to reduce скорочувати

indicator показник

to work out розробляти

remuneration винагорода

quota and norm квота і норма

finance expenditures фінансові витрати

forecasting прогноз

sсientific organization of labour наукова організація праці

cost-accounting госпрозрахунок

to introduce впроваджувати

finances and credits фінанси і кредити

to apply використовувати

economic levers економічні важелі

to take into account враховувати

You may become the economist-engineer after graduation from the university or technical college and work at the industrial enterprise, research institute, at any firm or company.

While being at the university the students master the following subjects: statistics, organization and planning of production, branch economics, fundamentals of management, marketing, cost-accounting, scientific labour organization, industrial finance and others.

The economist-engineer has to know organization of industrial management, organization of labour and wages, organization and planning of production as well. He must be able to work out long-range and current plans of production, cost-accounting indicators, quota prices for new types of goods, give scientific forecasting of branch development.

Forecasting can not be without research, without the coordinated activity of large teams of research workers and investigators, Proceeding from the data contained in the forecasts, planning bodies are in a position to choose the most effective solutions as regards the trend of development, content which will subsequently take the shape of plan indices and targets. Forecasts are used in varying degree at all stages of the plan-drafting process and even at the stage of plan-fulfilment itself,

I. Answer the following questions:

1. What is your speciality?

2. What special subjects do you study?

3. What will you be after graduation from the university or college?

4. What should the economist-engineer be able to do?

5. What should the economist-engineer know?

6. Where will you work after graduation from the university?

II. Speak on your speciality using the following word-combinations:


— to work out, long-range, current plans;

— cost-accounting indicators;

— to improve planned economic work;

— structure and staff at the enterprise;

— indicators and size of remuneration;

— to establish quotas and norms;

— to use levers to reduce material, labour, finance expenditures.

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