Говоримо англійською - 40 розмовних тем - Л. П. Ільєнко 1997

Texts on specialities
We shall work in clothing manufacture

Words and words-combinations to be remembered:

clothing manufacture виробництво одягу

clothes designing моделювання і конструювання одягу

garments одяг

ready-to wear clothes готовий одяг

layout настилання

marking намітка (крейдою)

cutting розкрій

handling fullness надання об’єму

Specialists for clothing manufacture are trained at the technological faculties of such higher schools as the Kyiv State Academy of Light Industry, the Khmelnytsky Technological University and some others.

Light industry needs qualified specialists in clothes designing and manufacture. Future designers of clothes and technologists are intended for managing, researching and manufacturing. At higher schools the students study social sciences, humanities, fundamental and applied sciences. Special subjects and technologies are taught to senior students. Apart from this the students have to possess a lot of professional skills and know-hows in designing, technology and research. The work of a designer of clothes is a creative one. To make a new design of a garment the designer must study trends of the ready-to-wear industry and market. Clothing tastes of the public should be taken into account as well. The designer should be well acquainted with the historic costume. The ability to predict customer desires several years in advance is the main feature of the designer’s work. And of course the designer must have a profound knowledge of clothes technology. Clothing technologist must be a good specialist in clothing manufacture. He or she must know all stages of making clothes: marking, cutting, bundles assembling, clothing parts making, handling fullness, assembling and finishing. Specialists of clothing manufacture must be aware of textile fibres and fabrics, their uses and clothing making equipment.

Students have to know how to explore new tendencies in clothing production, be ready to carry out research and put its results into practice. To be good specialists students study hard, they take practical training at the students’ design bureaus and at the light industry enterprises. Qualified staff of professors and teachers help them in getting a thorough knowledge of their future profession.

Answer the following questions;

1. Where are designers of clothes and technologists trained?

2. What knowledge and abilities must future specialists possess?

3. What is the work of a designer of clothes?

4. What must a clothing technologist know?

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