Говоримо англійською - 40 розмовних тем - Л. П. Ільєнко 1997

We are ukrainians

New words and word-combinations to be remembered:

distant past далеке минуле

hospitable гостинний

embroidered towel вишиваний рушник

to preserve зберігати

huge величезний

voice голос

pure чистий

urban міський

cuisine кухня (стіл)

eternal beauty вічна краса

manifestation виявлення

mode of life спосіб життя

One of the ways to get to know a people is to learn about its ancient rituals and rites.

Ukrainians have always been a very hospitable people. Even in the distant past they welcomed their guests with bread and salt placed on an embroidered towel — this tradition has survived up to now. Ukrainians have an acute sense of unity with the soil, sky, Universe. Probably, the fact that Ukrainians have always been predominantly farmers helped them preserve very ancient traditions in spite of all the troubles and wars of the past.

There are quite a few of folk and religious holidays that are celebrated in Ukrainian villages. Some of these celebrations are very noisy, all of them are a riot of colours, they are entrancing, leaving on indifferent. Taking part in them is like going back in time. They are a throw back to the times when we, humans, were like one huge family, when we enjoyed gazing into the starry sky, when we could understand the language of grasses and animals, when our voices were so strong and pure that they could be heard by God.

Quite a few people living in the urban areas would like to regain some of the joys and some of the simplicity of the country life, but it is so difficult to do. Would you like to see multi-coloured Hutsul dresses? Would you like to eat foods of the traditional Ukrainian cuisine? Would you like to listen to folk songs? Would you like to gape in admiration looking at the beautiful folk art objects?

To get all this you don’t have to travel from village to village because there is a wonderful place on the outskirts of Kyiv where you can come into contact with the etemai beauty of the spirit of the Ukrainian nation. The place is called Pyrohiv. It is there that the Open-Air Museum of Folk Architecture and Ethnography is situated. To walk through the Museum is to walk, as it were, through the whole of Ukraine, Ukraine concentrated on the territory of the Museum, Ukraine of the past and of today.

The six major sections of the Museum display exhibits that represent all the major historical and ethnographical areas of Ukraine. Architectural features of country houses, churches, schools, taverns and other buildings that have been brought to the Museum from many parts of Ukraine or built there as exact replicas of their originals reflect differences in local conditions, modes of life, artistic inclinations. Ukrainian folk culture opens to the visitor in all of its manifestations. Come to the Museum and enjoy all the marvels concentrated there.

Answer the following questions:

1. What helped Ukrainians to preserve very ancient traditions?

2. How do Ukrainians welcome their guests?

3. Where (in what museum) can one see ail the major historical І and ethnographical areas of Ukraine?

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