Англійська мова: Навчальний посібник - П.О. Бех 1992

Topic 1 About my family and myself

First of all let me introduce myself. My name is Victor Kovalenko. I am seventeen years old. I am a pupil of the 11th form. My family lives in Kyyiv in one of the residential areas. My parents have two more kids besides me. Тhus I have got an elder sister Vira and a younger brother Alec, My brother is a schoolboy, too. He is thirteen. My sister is three years my senior. So she is twenty already. She is a designer by profession. She is married. Her husband is a journalist. They are four in the family. She has two children — a son and a daughter. They are twins. They are lovely little kids with golden hair and dark blue eyes.

My parents are not old at all. Daddy is forty four and Mum is four years his junior. My grandparents are already pensioners, but they are still full of life and energy. I have many relatives — aunts, uncles, cousins.

My father is an engineer in computers and my mother is a teacher of English at the University. They like their work very much.

I am fond of reading books on history and fiction. I am going in for sports. I like playing football (soccer), basketball and chess. Especially I am good at chess. I take part in different chess competitions and tournaments.

In a year I shall finish my school and I have to decide what to do: either to apply for a job or for a study. Actually I study well and make some progress in liberal arts subjects. I am particularly interested in history, literature and languages. So I am going to enter the University.

You can’t do without this vocabulary (Ви не зможете обійтися без цього словника):

a family — сім’я

to be born in — народитися

to work as a teacher (as an engineer, as a doctor, etc.) — пранцювата вчителем (інженером, лікарем)

he is five years younger (elder) than I am — він на п’ять років молодший (старший) за мене.

to attend school (classes) — ходити до школи (на заняття)

to consist of — складатися з...

to show great interest in something — виявляти великий інтерес до чогось

to be one’s hobby — бути чиїмось захопленням

to become a musician (a physicist, a fitter, etc.) — стати музикантом (фізиком, слюсарем тощо)

a name — ім’я

a surname — прізвище a housewife — домашня господарка

a mother — мати

a father — батько

a sister — сестра

a brother — брат

a son — син

a daughter — дочка

a husband — чоловік

a wife — дружина

to marry somebody — одружуватися з кимось

relatives — родичі

a cousin — двоюрідний брат; двоюрідна сестра

a nephew — небіж, племінник

a niece — небога, племінниця

parents — батьки

to be retired on pension — йти на пенсію

Використайте перелік відповідних професій і спеціальностей у вашій розповіді:

агроном — agronomist

актор — actor

архітектор — architect

балерина — ballerina

балетмейстер — ballet-master

будівельник — builder, constructor

бухгалтер — accountant

ветеринар — veterinary

викладач — teacher

водій — driver

докер — docker

доярка — milkmaid

друкарка — typist

зварник — welder

інженер — engineer

колгоспник — collective farmer

комбайнер — combine-operator

конструктор — designer

кореспондент — correspondent

кравець — tailor

кухар — cook

ливарник — founder

лікар — doctor

майстер — foreman

маляр — painter

машиніст — locomotive engineer, engine driver

механік — mechanic

музикант — musician

муляр — bricklayer

нафтовик — oil worker пастух,

чабан — shepherd

перекладач — interpreter, translator

перукар (чоловічий) — barber

(жіночий) — hairdresser

письменник — writer

поет — poet

пожежник — fireman

продавець — salesman, seller, shop-assistant

рахівник — book-keeper

рибак — fisherman

робітник — worker

свинар(ка) — pig-tender

секретарка — secretary

скульптор — sculptor

службовець — employee

слюсар — fitter, locksmith

сталевар — steel-worker

стенографістка — stenographer

телефоністка — telephone operator

тесляр — carpenter

технік — technician

ткач — weaver

токар — turner

тракторист — tractor driver

учений — scientist

учитель — teacher

фермер — farmer

фізик — physicist

фрезерувальник — milling-machine operator

хімік — chemist

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