Англійська мова: Навчальний посібник - П.О. Бех 1992

School life
A Dialogue

A.: Victor, which subjects do you spend more time on?

V.: We may choose, for example, to do more of «arts» subjects like languages, history or «sciences» like physics, biology or chemistry. I spend a lot of time on English, history, literatures and very little time on sciences.

A.: And what foreign languages are taught at your school?

V.: We may master either English or French. I preferred to learn English but at the moment I don’t mind to learn French. I like it very much.

A.: And what kinds of sports are pupils going in for?

V.: Our school has football, volleyball, basketball, hockey, athletics, tennis, table-tennis sections.

A.: Does a particular school here get a reputation for being good at a particular sport, say gymnastics, chess, iceskating?

V.: Some do, some don’t. But we have a wide network of specialized sporting schools which major in that or other particular sport.

A.: Vic, what about playing a game of chess?

V.: OK. Will you play black or white?

to do «arts» («sciences») subjects — вивчати гуманітарні (природничі) предмети

a lot of time — багато часу

to master a language — оволодівати мовою

I don’t mind — я не проти

to be going in for sport — займатися спортом

to prefer — віддавати перевагу

a wide net — широка мережа

to major in — спеціалізуватися

a game of chess — шахова партія

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