Англійська мова: Навчальний посібник - П.О. Бех 1992

Languages of communication
A Dialogue

A.: Victor, you speak good English.

V.: Oh, no. My English is rather poor. But I would like to improve my spoken English.

A.: And how long have you been learning it?

V.: Well, normally we study foreign languages at secondary schools starting from the 4th form. In addition to ordinary schools there are specialized English language schools where the language is taught thoroughly from the first form.

А.: What foreign languages are usually taught in your schools?

V.: As a matter of fact, English, German, French and Spanish. But the majority of pupils master English. Andrew, and what languages are taught in schools of Great Britain?

A.: Well, we learn French and German as foreign languages. Russian is taught in a few schools. And how many classes a week have you got?

V.: We have got an academic hour a week now. It’s too small for languages, but I try to work at English on my own.

А.: And what are you doing on your own?

V.: I have got a teach-yourself book and some tapes. So now and then I listen to tapes, learn texts and dialogues by head. I like to read English books in the original. This is the book I am reading at the moment.

A.: And what kinds of books do you prefer to read?

V.: I prefer to read fiction, science fiction, plays, adventure and historical books

Words and phrases

thoroughly — грунтовно

majority — більшість

to have got — мати

at all — зовсім

to work on one’s own — працювати самостійно

a tape — запис

now and then — час від часу

what kinds of books — які книжки

fiction — художня література

science fiction — наукова фантастика

adventure books — пригодницькі книжки

historical books — історичні книжки

plays — п’єси

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