Англійська мова: Навчальний посібник - П.О. Бех 1992

Topic 1 About my family and myself
A Dialogue

A team of English chess players has come to Kyyiv to take part in a chess tournament. One of English players Andrew Webster is getting acquainted with Victor Kovalenko: Andrew: Hello. My name’s Andrew Webster.

Victor: Hello. I am Victor Kovalenko.

A.: Nice to meet you.

V.: Happy to meet you. How about a cup of tea?

А.: That's a good idea.

V.: Is this your first visit to this country?

А.: Yes, it is. I’ve never been to this country.

V.: Andrew, are you a student?

A.: Yes, I am. Now I study at college. I am seventeen. And you, Victor?

V.: Well І am sixteen. And now І am in the eleventh form. In a year I’ll finish my school and I’m going to enter the University.

A.: You live in Kyyiv, don’t you?

V.: Yes, I live in Kyyiv together with my family.

A.: What about your family? Is it large?

V.: Oh, no. It’s neither large nor small. I have my parents, a sister and a brother. And you?

A.: Me? Our family consists of five people, too: my parents, two sisters Fiona and Charmaine and myself.

V.: Right, Here we are. Let’s have a cup of tea.

A.: OK. І would like a cup of tea with no milk and no sugar.

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