Англійська мова: Навчальний посібник - П.О. Бех 1992

Sport and games

Good health is a great blessing. Everyone should do all he can to stay healthy. Being in good health means having both body and mind in good working order free from disease and pain. As they say, «А sound mind in a sound body».

All sorts of physical exercises are very helpful to make our bodies strong as well as to keep us well mentally. So if we want to keep ourselves fit, we have to go in for sports or games. People play games — in some games each person is for himself, in others there are teams. Some games are quiet, others are very lively. Every game has its own rules. Winning and losing are always a part of playing a game. No list could be made of all the games people play. Games that take a great deal of athletic skill are often called sports. Football (soccer), tennis, hockey, basketball, for instance, are sports. We know and may go in for a great variety of sports and games. Some kinds of sports need simple equipments and facilities, other — rather complex ones. First touch to sports and games we make in childhood. Later on in school we discover our favourite sports and games. As far as I am concerned I go in for football, table tennis, swimming, chess, and some others. Today sports teachers in schools can have different ideas about why they are teaching sport. Should they try to produce a winning team? Should they use sport for character building? Should they teach a lot of technique? Or should they just teach the pupils to enjoy the game? No matter what the answer might be the school has always been the place for training prospective sportsmen. Some of them becomes professionals but majority remains amateurs.

In our country every year a great number of different competitions are held at different levels — starting with schools and finishing by national levels. Then winners of national competitions take part in international championships: World and European ones: Olympic Games, Good Will Games, Students’ Olimpiads, and so on.

You can’t do without this vocabulary:

blessing — благо, блаженство, щастя

healthy — здоровий

diseases and pains — хвороба та болі

«А sound mind in a sound body» — «У здоровому тілі — здоровий дух»

mentally — розумово

to keep oneself fit — підтримувати форму

to go in for sports — займатися спортом

quiet — спокійний

lively — жвавий, рухливий

to win — вигравати

to lose — програвати

a great variety — велика кількість

facilities — обладнання, спорядження

a touch — дотик

to produce a winning team — готувати команду для перемог

character building — формування рис характеру

to enjoy the game — насолоджуватися грою

a professional — спортсмен-професіонал

an amateur — спортсмен-аматор

competition (championship) — змагання (чемпіонат)

Good Will Games — Ігри Доброї Волі

Olympic Games — Олімпійські Ігри

track and field athletics — легка атлетика

fencing — фехтування

boxing — бокс

aquatic sports — водний спорт

a sport circle — спортивне товариство

coaching, training — тренування

sport competitions — спортивні змагання

skiing — лижний спорт

skating — ковзанярський спорт

tobogganing — катання на санках з гори

hunting — полювання

outdoor games — ігри на свіжому повітрі

indoor games — ігри в приміщенні

chess — шахи

billiards — більярд

snooker — снукер (гра на більярді)

fan for (to cry for) — боліти за команду

a score — рахунок

a stadium — стадіон

in the favourof — на користь

to net a ball — забити м’яч у ворота

callisthenics —художня гімнастика

wrestling — боротьба

soccer — футбол

rugby — регбі

a boat race — змагання з веслування

cricket — крикет

fishing (angling) — вудіння, вудити рибу

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