Англійська мова: Навчальний посібник - П.О. Бех 1992

A Dialogue

V.: Andrew, what would you like to see in Kyiv?

A.: Well, first of all I would like to go to St. Volodimir Cathedral, Kyyiv Pechersk Monastery, your national museums and Opera and Ballet Theatre. By the way, what is at the theatre these days?

V.: Well, I’ve got tickets lor two ballets and one opera.

A.: Oh, have you? What are they?

V.: Today there is Tchaikovsky’s «Swan Lake» on and there will be A. Adan’s «Giselle» on the day after tomorrow and tomorrow there will be M. Lyssenko’s «Natalka Poltavka». This is our national opera written by the founder of the Ukrainian classical music.

A.: I think I’ll see all of them. Your ballet is so popular in Great Britain that I won’t miss the chance to see it here. Three days running we are going to be theatre-lovers or theatre-goers, aren’t we?

V.: Yes, we are. And I hope you’ll enjoy these things.

A.: So do I.

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