Англійська мова: Навчальний посібник - П.О. Бех 1992

Mass media

Mass media or mass communications are the press, radio and television.

Every day we read newspapers and magazines, listen to radio and watch TV. Nowadays there are so many newspapers and magazines, radio stations and TV channels that we have to be very selective and give preference to some of them.

What newspapers and magazines do I prefer to read?

I like to read the following newspapers: «Komsomolskaya Pravda» («Komsomol Truth»), «Nezavisimosb («Independence»), «Argumenty у Fakty» («Arguments and Facts»), «Vetchirni Kyyiv» («Evening Kyyiv») and sometimes «Sovershenno Seсretno» («Top Secret») and the magazines«Vitchizna» («Motherland»), «Vsesvit» («All the World») and «Ogonyok» («Eight»). Several periodicals are available in English. They are «News from Ukraine», «Moscow News» and «Ukraine» magazine. As far as newspapers are concerned they may be daily, or weekly. Magazines may be weekly, monthly and quarterly.

The newspapers and magazines I read are the most readable and have a large readership or circulation. For example, «Argumenty у Fakty» has a circulation of more than 23,000,000. It is the largest in the world. The newspapers contain and give coverage of local, home and foreign affairs. Their publications deal with very burning problems of our history, latest events and forecasts for future. They also touch upon cultural, sport news. I like the way they present different points of view, approaches to the problems. My parents and I subscribe to some periodicals, so we are subscribers. We buy some of newspapers and magazines in a kiosk.

I often listen to radio, especially in the morning before I leave for school. I prefer to listen to «Мауак» («Lighthouse») or «Promin» («Ray») programmes. They broadcast much news and music. I like to listen to weekend programmes, some of them are very amusing and entertaining.

As to the TV, we have 4 channels. I prefer to watch youth programmes such as «Vzglyad» («Viewpoint») on Ostankino TV on Fridays and «Garb («Hardening») on Ukrainian TV on Thursdays. In addition I like to see interesting films. They might be feature, adventure, scientific, horror, cartoon and other films. I enjoy seeing Walt Disney’s cartoons. Now and then I like to see a new programme «Lucky Chance» («Trivial Pursuit»). It is an enjoyable and entertaining one.

You can’t do without this vocabulary:

mass media, mass communications — засоби масової інформації

a channel (on 2) — канал (no другому каналу)

to be selective — бути вибірковим

to give preference to — віддавати перевагу

periodical — періодичне видання, часопис

to be available — бути наявним, можна дістати

daily — щоденний

weekly — щотижневий, щотижневик

monthly — щомісячний, щомісячник

quarterly — щоквартальний, щоквартальник

readable — цікавий

readership — читачі

circulation —тираж

to contain — вміщувати

to give coverage — висвітлювати

local affairs — місцеві події

home (national, domestic, internal) affairs (events) — внутрішні події, події в країні

foreign (international, world, external) affairs (events) — зарубіжні події, події за рубежем

to deal with — розглядати

a burning problem — актуальна проблема

latest events (news) — останні події (новини)

forecast — прогноз

to touch upon — торкатися

to present — подавати

point of view (viewpoint, standpoint) — точка зору

an approach — підхід

to subscribe to — передплачувати

a subscriber to — передплатник на

to broadcast — передавати по радіо

to telecast — передавати по телебаченню

amusing — забавний

entertaining — розважальний, цікавий

to enjoy doing something — подобатися (щось робити)

«Lucky Chance» — «Щасливий випадок»

enjoyable — що приносить насолоду

to be devoted to — бути присвяченим

the main gist (idea) of the article — головна думка статті


The British Media consists of the press and radio and TV broadcasting.

Now a couple of words about papers. First of all there is no subscription. You may buy any on sate. There are too many types of newspapers: the «popular» papers and the «quality» papers.

The popular papers are less in size, with many pictures, big headlines and short articles. They are easy to read.

The quality papers are for more serious readership. These papers are bigger in size, with larger articles and more detailed information.

In addition to daily papers we’ve just mentioned above there are Sunday papers. They have a higher circulation than the dailies.

As far as broadcasting and telecasting are concerned there are two radio and TV stations. The first one — well-known BBC — British Broadcasting Corporation (Британська Трансляційна Корпорація), and the second — IBA — Independent Broadcasting Authorities (Незалежна Трансляційна Служба). The chart below gives you a general view of the British Media.

The newspapers in Britain are proud of the fact that they are different from each other — each tries to have a definite profile. The following is a witty, but at least partly accurate, description of the people who read the different papers.

The Times is read by the people who run the country.

The Mirror is read by the people who think they run the country.

The Guardian is read by the people who think about running the country.

The Morning Star is read by the people who think they ought to run the country.

The Mail is read by the wives of the people who run the country.

The Telegraph is read by the people who think the country ought to be run as it used to be.

The Express is read by the people who think it still is run as it used to be.

The Sun is read by the people who don’t care who runs the country as long as the girl on page 3 is attractive

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