Англійська мова: Навчальний посібник - П.О. Бех 1992

Mass media
Practice exercises

I. Make up sentences:

The article

is about

is devoted to

deals with

touches upon


is connected with



home affairs

international problems

latest events

news from abroad

events in France

sport news

the problem is very urgent

It should be

pointed out that






the visit was a success

the newspaper is very interesting

the election has already taken place

prices will rise by describing the situation

that the problem

The author



points out


goes on to say

comes to the conclusion

hasn’t been solved

about events in Africa

that the situation is under control

the importance of current policy

the necessity of market relations

the crisis in Europe about

the ways out that the problem is too serious

II. How to start rendering an article:

The article is headlined «War in (he Gulf».

The title of the article is «Winners and Losers».

The headline of the article is «Price Rise in London».

The piece of news is headlined «No problems».

The author of the article is Mr. Goodwill.

The article is written by our special correspondent.

The author is not pointed out.

IІІ. Ask the questions to have the following answers:

1. I prefer to read Ukrainian newspapers.

2. Yes, my favourite newspapers in English are «News from Ukraine» and «Moscow News».

3. He subscribes to 4 newspapers.

4. He watches TV at weekends.

IV. Answer the following questions:

1. What are your favourite newspapers, magazines, radio and TV programmes?

2. What do the newspapers inform the readers of?

3. What is the circulation of our newspapers and magazines?

4. What newspapers and magazines have you subscribed to this year?

5. What events and reports do you closely follow in newspapers?

6. Why do you like to read magazines?

7. What newspapers and magazines inform the readers of the life of youth?

8. Do you read any scientific journals?

9. In what languages is newspaper «Moscow News» printed?

10. What kind of English periodicals did/do you read?

11. What radio programmes do you prefer to listen to?

12. Do you watch TV every day?

13. Do you like to see TV News Programmes?

14. What other telecasts do you like watching?

15. What TV programmes are the most popular with the young people in our country?

16. What is your favourite TV programme?

17. How often does this programme come out?

18. What is this programme devoted to?

19. What is much attention given to in this programme?

20. What would you like to add or to change in this programme?

21. Where do you get latest news from?

22. Who is your favourite author, analyst, presenter (ведучий)?

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