Англійська мова: Навчальний посібник - П.О. Бех 1992

Practice exercises

І. Make up sentences:


to the West


is situated

on the Black Sea coast


is located

in Western part of Ukraine



in the European part

Could (can) you show me the way to

How can I get to

the University?

the Historical Museum?

the Puppet (ляльковий) Theatre?

Lomonosov Street?

the airport?

the nearest bus stop?


TV sets



Mikolayiv is

famous for its



coal extraction


historical monuments

II. Ask the questions to have the following answers:

1. Ukraine borders on Russian Federation, Byelorussia, Moldova, Poland and other countries.

2. The Supreme Soviet is the highest body of state power in Ukraine.

3. Ukraine is rich in iron, oil, coal and other natural resources.

4. Khreshchatie street is the Kvyivites’ favourite street.

5. The Dnieper, the Dniester, the Bug are the major rivers in Ukraine.

ІІІ. Answer the following questions;


1. What is the population of Ukraine?

2. What is the territory of Ukraine?

3. What countries does Ukraine border on?

4. What are the main branches of industry in Ukraine?

5. What are the achievements of Ukrainian scientists?

6. What is the highest body of state power in Ukraine?

7. What is Ukraine rich in?

8. What Ukrainian scientists and writers do you know?

Kyyiv — the capital of Ukraine

1. When was Kyyiv founded?

2. What is the population of the capital?

3. What historical places do you know in Kyyiv?

4. What Kyyiv museums have you been to?

5. What monuments are there in the city?

6. What is the main Kyyiv street?

7. Why is Kyyiv called the political centre?

8. Is Kyyiv the largest centre of Ukrainian culture?

9. How many theatres are there in Kyyiv?

10. What theatres and museums do you like most of all?

11. Why is Kyyiv called the city of students?

12. When is Kyyiv especially beautiful?

The town (village) l live in

1. What is the name of your town (village)?

2. What region is your town (village) situated in?

3. Is your town (village) large or small?

4. I low long have you lived in it?

5. How many people live in your town (village)?

6. Is it situated on the bank of the river?

7. What historical places are there in your town (village)?

8. What monuments can one find in your town (village)?

9. Where arc they situated?

10. What factories and plants are there in your town?

11. What is your town (village) famous for?

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