Англійська мова: Навчальний посібник - П.О. Бех 1992

The United States of America
A Dialogue

V.: Have you ever been to the US?

А.: No, I haven’t. I have never been to this country. And you?

V.: I haven’t been to, either, but I’d love to. What places would you like to visit?

A.: Oh, there are a lot of places to see. Practically every state has much to visit. But I prefer to go first to New York. A friend of mine has just come from the US and told me a great deal about his impressions.

V.: What places did he visit?

А.: As a matter of fact, he visited half a state having started with New York. He saw such sights there as Empire State Building, the New York Public Library, Statue of Liberty, Roosevelt Birthplace, the United Nations headquarters, some churches.

V.: So, he enjoyed himself, didn’t he?

A.: Yes, he did. And t hope if we are there we’ll enjoy ourselves.

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