Мегазбірка тем з англійської мови - Найкращі теми з англійської мови - 2019

The environment

1. Imagine you are on holiday abroad. You eat loads of chocolate-covered sweets but there aren’t any rubbish bins to put their wrappers in. What do you do?

a. Keep the wrappers in your pocket until you see a bin.

b. Throw them on the ground. It’s not your fault there aren’t enough rubbish bins.

c. It depends. If there’s a lot of rubbish on the floor, you might ”drop them accidentally”.

2. On the way home you are very thirsty. What do you buy?

a. Something in a non-recyclable plastic bottle.

b. Something in a glass bottle or aluminium can.

c. Something in a carton.

3. Your personal stereo always needs new batteries. What do you do?

a. Buy rechargeable batteries.

b. Put the old batteries in the bin and buy new ones.

c. Buy new ones and take the old ones to a recycling centre.

4. If you lived near a beach, how would you react if a fast food restaurant opened near the beach?

a. Be pleased but also worried about more rubbish on the beach.

b. Be pleased. Now can eat burgers on the beach.

c. You never eat at fast food places because there is too much packing.

5. You buy a couple of things in a shop. When you pay, the cashier is about to put the things in a plastic bag. What do you say?

a. ”No, thank you ”. (You have brought your own bag from home.)

b. Nothing. You let him/her put the things in the bag.

c. It depends if you can carry the things easily without a bag.

6. There are a couple of flies in your bedroom. They are annoying you. What do you do?

a. Try to kill them with a newspaper.

b. Try to kill them with a horrible-smelling aerosol.

c. Hit the air with a newspaper so they leave you alone.

7. You are writing a letter to a good friend. You have made several mistakes and need to cross things out. What do you do?

a. Start the letter again on another piece of paper.

b. Continue writing; your friend will excuse your mistakes.

c. Continue to write but if you make any more mistakes, start again.

Now add up your score:


a = 3, b = 1, c = 2;


a = 1, b = 3, c = 2;


a = 3, b = 1, c = 2;


a = 2, b = 1, c = 3;


a = 3, b = 1, c = 2;


a = 2, b = 1, c = 3;


a = 1, b = 3, c = 2


7—10: You do not worry about the environment at all! You think pollution is someone else’s problem, not yours. You think recycling and saving resources are too time-consuming. 11—17: You care about the environment and you have good habits, which help save it. However, there are probably a few other things you could do. 18—21: You definitely care about the environment. You think about it when you make every day decisions. If more people in the world were as good as you, the planet would have fewer problems.


loads (of) [ləudz] — велика кількість

rubbish bin [’rʌbɪʃ bɪn] — урна для сміття

wrapper [’ræpə] — обгортка; обгортковий папір

fault [fɔ:lt] — провина

it depends [dɪ’pendz] — залежно від того, як; дивлячись як

accidentally [,æksɪ’dentəlɪ] — випадково, ненавмисно

non-recyclable [nɔn,ri:’saɪkləbl] — що не підлягає переробці для

повторного використання

can [kæn] — бідон; жерстяна коробка або банка; бляшанка; банка для консервів

rechargeable [’ri:tʃa:dʒəbl] — перезарядний

burger [bə:gə] = hamburger

hamburger [’hæmbə:gə] — булочка із біфштексом, гамбургер

fly [flаɪ] — муха

to annoy [ə’nɔɪ] — досаджати; надокучати, набридати; дратувати

to hit — ударяти, бити

to cross out [krɔs ’aut] — викреслювати

pollution [pə’lu:ʃ(ə)n] — забруднення


1. Why are people so interested in environmental protection ?

2. How does your health and your life depend on the environment? Give your reasons.

3. Who needs protection nowadays (people, animals, plants, oceans, etc.)?

4. Can you name any organisation fighting for environmental protection? Would you like to join it?

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