Мегазбірка тем з англійської мови - Найкращі теми з англійської мови - 2019

Great Britain


✵ What’s the Queen’s name?

a) Queen Ann I; b) Queen Elizabeth II; c) Queen Margaret II. Answer: b.

✵ Where does the Changing of the Guard take place?

a) Buckingham Palace; b) Piccadilly Circus; e) Victoria and Albert Museum. Answer: a.

✵ What is a double-decker?

a) a bus; b) a disco; c) a taxi. Answer: a.

✵ What is Harrods?

a) bank; b) a department store; c) a school. Answer: b.

✵ Where can you buy stamps?

a) at the post office; b) at the stationer’s; c) at the tobacconist’s. Answer: a.

✵ How many pence are there in one pound sterling?

a) 10; b) 100; c) 1000. Answer: b.

✵ What is the name of the famous stadium in the north of London?

a) Wembley; b) Westminster; c) Wimbledon. Answer: a.

✵ Which Liverpool band was so popular in the 60s?

a) The Beatles; b) The Police; c) The Rolling Stones. Answer: a.

✵ Where is Nessie supposed to live?

a) Isle of Man; b) Loch Ness; c) River Thames. Answer: b.

✵ In Britain, cars are driven on the........side of the road.

a) left-hand; b) right-hand; c) wrong-hand. Answer: a.

✵ Dame Agatha Christie wrote lots of .........

a) detective stories; b) plays; c) poems. Answer: a.

✵ Where is Belfast?

a) in Northern Ireland; b) in Scotland; c) in Wales. Answer: a.

✵ Manchester United is a popular........team.

a) basketball; b) football; c) handball. Answer: b.

✵ Which famous writer was born in Stratford-upon-Avon?

a) Samuel Beckett; b) James Joyce; c) William Shakespeare. Answer: c.

✵ Which king had six wives?

a) Henry IV; b) Henry V; c) Henry VIII. Answer: c.

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