Мегазбірка тем з англійської мови - Найкращі теми з англійської мови - 2019


▼ Roses are red, violets are blue,

Sugar is sweet and I love you.

▼ Sure as the grape grows on the vine

So sure you are my Valentine.

The rose is red, the violet is blue,

Lilies are fair and so are you.

▼ Roses are red, violets are blue,

Sugar is sweet and so are you.

▼ Wake up on this special day,

And read these words from me.

It’s not a dream. My love is true.

Look in my heart and see.

▼ Only you can make this world seem right

Only you can make the darkness bright

Only you and you alone can thrill me like you do

And fill my heart with love for only you.

▼ Though absent, still within my heart

Thy memory holds its place

Too firmly fixed for time or change

To ever it efface.

thy [ðaɪ] — заст. твій, твоя, твоє, твої

firmly [’fə:mlɪ] — твердо; міцно; незмінно; рішуче

to fix [fɪks] — укріплювати, закріплювати, фіксувати

to efface [ɪ’feɪs] — стирати, згладжувати

▼ February the fourteenth day,

It’s Valentine’s, they say,

I choose you from among the rest,

The reason was I loved you best.

▼ Roses are red, violets are blue,

Darling sweet I love you.

▼ Postman, postman do your duty

Take my love to the dark-haired beauty.

▼ I want to be near you all the time,

And never say goodbye.

Please, my darling, say you’re mine,

I’ll love you until I die.

▼ I’ll be your sweet heart

If you will be mine

All of my life

I’ll be your Valentine.

▼ Round is the ring that has no end,

So is my love for you, my friend,

Again to take this in good part,

Along with it you have my heart.

But if you do the same refusal,

Pray burn this paper and my excusal.

refuse [rɪ’fju:zl] — відмова

to pray [preɪ] — молитися; благати, прохати

▼ I am like a cabbage

Divided into two;

The leaves I give to others

But the heart to you.

▼ Roses are red, violets are blue,

When I grow up,

I want to marry you.

▼ May beauty touch your life,

May peace bless your world,

May love warm your heart,

Happy Valentine’s Day!


I. Complete the valentine’s message.

Love is like a little flower

It needs the sun and rain.

In all kinds of weather,

Let’s stay.........

Don’t say goodbye.........

II. Write the ending to the message.

Roses are ........,

Violets are ........,

Sugar ........,


III. Look at these poems and fill in each gap with an adjective from the box. Remember that the poem must rhyme.

bright • busy • cheeky • clever • fair • funny • • great • mean • sweet

1. I like a girl called Nicky

She’s confident and ........

2. I like a hoy called Dean

Because he’s never ........

3. Please be my girlfriend, Claire.

I like you because you ’re always ........

4. My darling Pete You ’re very ........

5. Please be my

Girlfriend, Lizzie.

Don’t say that

You’re too ........

6. This poem for a boy called Andrew Knight.

I like you because you’re kind and ........

7. Do you like me, Kate?

I think you ’re ........

8. You ’re much sweeter than honey

And you are also very ........

9. I love you, Trevor Because you’re ........

IV. Answer the questions of Easy Valentine’s Day Quiz. What month is Valentine’s Day?

Answer: February.

What date is it?

Answer: 14th.

How do you spell 14th?

Answer: fourteenth.

What colour is popular?

Answer: red.

What shape is popular?

Answer: heart shape.

What kind of mail is most often sent?

Answer: cards.

What kind of candy is most often given?

Answer: chocolate.

What greeting is often said on this day?

Answer: ”Happy Valentine’s Day ”.

Is Valentine’s Day a public holiday?

Answer: No, it isn’t.

Personal columns have a lot of messages of love on this day.

Where are personal columns found?

Answer: in a newspaper.

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