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”THE MORNING WALK” BY TH. GAINSBOROUGH - ”Ранкова прогулянка” Томаса Гейнсборо

Gainsborough is famous for his brilliant sense of composition, harmony and form. In the foreground of the picture you see a pretty slim young woman of about 25 and an elegant young man. The woman has a very fashionable long dress on, her face is attractive. She has dreamy blue eyes, and thick curly golden hair. As for the man, he is tall and handsome, the features of his face are pleasant and expressive. His eyes are dark, his look is proud, his mouth is rather large, his nose is straight, and he has a classical strong figure. I am sure that the young people are happy because they are young, they are in love, because the day is fine, and life is beautiful. It is an idyllic scene in a romantic landscape. Thanks to the soft colour treatment the picture has a lyrical and poetic atmosphere.


I. Discuss a portrait painting according to the following plan.

1) THE GENERAL EFFECT. (The title and the name of the artist. The period or trend represented. Does it appear natural and spontaneous or contrived and artificial?)

2) THE CONTENTS OF THE PICTURE. (Place, time and setting. The accessories, the dress and environment. Any attempt to render the emotions of the model. What does the artist accentuate in his subject?)

3) THE COMPOSITION AND COLOURING. (How is the couple represented? Against what background? Any prevailing format? Is the picture bold or rigid? Do the hands (head, body) look natural and informal? How do the eyes gaze? Does the painter concentrate on the analysis of details? What lints predominate in the colour scheme? Do the colours blend imperceptible? Are the brushstrokes left visible?).

4) INTERPRETATION AND EVALUATION. (Does it exemplify a high degree of artistic skill? What feelings or ideas does it evoke in the viewer?) II. Give your view on the following topic. Appreciating of painting can be cultivated in two ways:

1) acquiring knowledge of different trends, schools and painters through books and literature;

2) visiting galleries and museums, looking at pictures; returning to1 the same paintings again and again.

Of course both those ways are important, but which of them is the major one?

III. Discuss the problems.

1. Is the appreciation of pictures a special faculty, which only a few can possess?


a. The excellency of style is not on the surface, but lies deep. It is the florid style, which strikes at once. There is no need to be ashamed of one’s apparent dullness.

b. The habit of looking at good pictures is in itself a means by which taste can

be formed and the scope of one’s enjoyment widened and developed.

c. The acquisition of good taste is a matter of time. Painting in this respect doesn’t differ from other arts.

2. A great painting enriches our experience of life, just as a great poem does or a great musical composition.


a. Great painters make us see and think a great deal more than the objects before us, they teach us to look at a scene through their eyes.

b. The masterpieces of painting, like the masterpieces of music and poetry transform experience; they are a source of beauty.

IV. Discuss the problem. Are you for modern or for old art?

We know that many people today reject old art and protect new trends in art. But what shall we do about the great works of Raphael and Leonardo da Vinchi, or Rembrandt and Rublev. Shall we reject them ? FOR OLD ART:

1) Painting of old masters is one of the greatest treasures mankind has collected in the history of civilisation.

2) Old painting reflects the collective experience of human spiritual life of many centuries.


1) New times call for new songs. Modern man is naturally interested in the art reflecting his own time and his own experience.

2) Worship of old masters is a drag on the development of new progressive art. We should look forward instead of turning back all the time.

”Ранкова прогулянка” Томаса Гейнсборо

Гейнсборо відомий своїм блискучим відчуттям композиції, гармонії і форми. На передньому плані картини ви бачите гарненьку струнку молоду жінку приблизно 25 років і елегантного молодого чоловіка. На жінці дуже модна довга сукня, у неї привабливе обличчя. У неї мрійливі сині очі і густе в’юнке золотисте волосся. Що стосується чоловіка, він високий і красивий, риси його обличчя приємні і виразні. У нього темні очі, його погляд гордий, рот досить великий, ніс прямий, і. в нього міцна класична фігура. Я впевнений, що молоді люди щасливі, тому що вони молоді, вони закохані, тому що день прекрасний і життя прекрасне. Це — ідилічна сцена в романтичному пейзажі. Завдяки м’якій колірній обробці картина має ліричну і поетичну атмосферу.

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