Розмовні теми для початківців: Англійська мова 2-й рік навчання - Соломаха Ельвіра 1997

American traditions
Clothes Can Be Traditional Too

The tradition to wear certain clothes comes from the time of the 'Wild West'. Then cowboys spent much time outdoors. They usually wore hats. They protected their faces and eyes from the hot sun. They also wore boots. It was dangerous to walk through long grass as there were many snakes.

Cowboys also needed strong and comfortable trousers while riding a horse. So a tailor called Levi Strauss made special clothes. It was in the middle ot the 19th century in the city of San Francisco. Strong trousers made by Levi Strauss were called jeans. Very soon cowboys started to wear them.

Now people wear jeans not only in America but all over the world. Being made of strong cotton cloth they are good for working, hiking and travelling.

(13 sentences)

✵ Can clothes be traditional?

✵ Одяг може бути традиційним?

✵ What were the traditional clothes of the cowboys in the times of the «Wild West»?

✵ Яким був традиційний одяг ковбоїв в часи «Дикого Заходу"?

✵ Why did the cowboys wear boots?

✵ Чому ковбої носили чоботи?

✵ Why did the cowboys need strong trousers?

✵ Чому ковбоям потрібні були міцні штани?

✵ What was the name of the tailor, who was the first to make the jeans?

✵ Як звали кравця, який першим пошив джинси?

✵ What cloth are the jeans made of?

✵ 3 якої тканини шиють джинси?

✵ Why do people consider jeans the comfortable clothes?

✵ Чому люди вважають джинси зручним одягом?

✵ Who wear jeans nowadays?

✵ Хто носить джинси зараз?

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