Розмовні теми для початківців: Англійська мова 2-й рік навчання - Соломаха Ельвіра 1997

My day off
The Places I Like to Visit

On my day off I have the possibility to go somewhere, in winter 2nd in autumn I like to go to the museum or to the theatre. We live in Kyiv. And there are a lot of museums in our city. Going to the museum I can learn a lot of interesting things. I like to go there with my parents. Sometimes I go to the theatre. I don't like to go to the cinema. I like to go to the Kyiv Puppet Theatre. The plays are very funny there. Sometimes I go to the theatres with my parents and relatives, sometimes I go there with out teacher and my classmates.

In spring and in summer when the weather is fine I spend my weekend in the country. When I stay in the country, I work in the garden, swim in the river, pick up berries and mushrooms in the forest.

And certainly I like to go to the Zoo in summer. I like to watch different animals. Most of all I like to watch white bears. They are so clever and funny. There is a pool in their cage. They like to swim and to play with each other.

(19 sentences)

✵ Where do you like to go on your days off?

✵ Куди пі любиш ходит по вихідних?

✵ In Kyiv there are many museums, do you often visit them?

✵ В Києві багато музеїв, ти часто їх відвідуєш?

✵ Do you like to go to the museum alone or with your parents and friends?

✵ Ти любиш ходити до музею сам, чи з батьками, друзями?

✵ Why do you like to go to the museum?

✵ Чому ти любиш ходити до музею?

✵ Do you usually listen to the explanation of the guide or read them on the plates near the displays?

✵ Ти звичайно слухаєш пояснення екскурсовода чи читаєш їх на табличках?

✵ Where else besides the museums do you like to go?

✵ Куди ще крім музеїв ти любиш ходити?

✵ What theatres do you like to visit?

✵ В які театри ти любиш ходити?

✵ How often do you go to the theatres?

✵ Як часто ти ходиш до театрів?

✵ Do you have a country house?

✵ У вас є дача?

✵ Do you often go to the country on your day off?

✵ Ви часто їздите за місто по вихідних?

✵ You go to the country house only In summer, don't you?

✵ Ви їздите на дачу тільки влітку, так?

✵ Do you like to go to the Zoo?

✵ Ти любиш ходити в зоопарк?

✵ What animals do you like to watch there?

✵ За якими звірями ти любиш спостерігати там?

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