Розмовні теми для початківців: Англійська мова 2-й рік навчання - Соломаха Ельвіра 1997

I Don't-Like to Do the Shopping

Frankly speaking I like to go shopping only to the stationery department. It doesn’t take much time to do the shopping there. I always know exactly what I need and what I want: for example, a new pen, some copy-books or a set of felt-tip pens.

But sometimes Mum takes me to the department store to buy me a new pair of trousers, a shirt or shoes. Then we began to wander from one counter to another. These shoes pinch a little. Another pair is just my size, but they are too expensive. And when we are buying a pair of trousers I get tired from trying them on in the fitting room. The same happens near the counter where shirts are on sale. And here it’s difficult to choose one which will suit all mother’s demands. The shirt must be cheap, a size larger than I wear, match my eyes and look great. That’s why I am pleased when Granny presents me with a shirt.

(12 sentences)

✵ Where do you like to go shopping?

✵ Куди ти любиш ходити за покупками?

✵ Why do you like to do the shopping at the stationery?

✵ Чому ти любиш ходити робити покупки у відділі канцтоварів?

✵ Do you go willingly to the department store with your mother If you need some new clothes?

✵ Ти охоче йдеш з мамою в універмаг, якщо тобі треба купити щось нове з одягу?

✵ Is It difficult to choose a pair of shoes for you?

✵ Чи важко тобі підібрати взуття?

✵ Why Is It better to buy readymade clothes at the shop?

✵ Чому краще купувати готовий одяг в магазині?

✵ Can you try on at the market the things you buy?

✵ Ти можеш поміряти на базарі речі, які купуєш?

✵ Are there any fitting rooms at the market?

✵ На базарі є кімнати для примірювання?

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