Розмовні теми для початківців: Англійська мова 2-й рік навчання - Соломаха Ельвіра 1997

Food Shops

There are many different food shops in Kyiv. As a rule there are different kinds of food shops in each district. If you want to buy some bread, buns, rolls or rings, you go to the bakery. You go to the dairy to buy some milk, sour cream, cottage cheese or cheese. At the grocer’s you buy sugar, rice, buckwheat. For sweets, biscuits, cakes you go to the confectionery.

My mother doesn't like to buy meat at the butcher's and fish at the fishmonger’s. She usually goes to the market to buy them. She doesn’t buy fruit and vegetables at the greengrocer's either. She always says that at the market they are cheaper and she can choose what she likes.

I like to help Mum to do the shopping. After classes I usually go to the dairy and bakery. I also buy sugar, salt, rice at the grocer’s.

(13 sentences)

✵ There are many food shops in each district in Kyiv, aren’t there?

✵ В кожному районі Києва є багато продуктових крамниць, чи не так?

✵ Is the bakery far from your house?

✵ Хлібний магазин далеко від твої о дому?

✵ What can you buy at the baker’s?

✵ Що можна купити в хлібному магазині?

✵ What can you buy at the grocer’s?

✵ Що можна купити в бакалії?

✵ Do you often go to do the shopping at the confectionery?

✵ Ти часто ходиш за покупками до кондитерського магазину?

✵ Do you go to the confectionery to buy only sweets?

✵ Ти ходиш в кондитерський тільки щоб купити цукерки?

✵ Do you buy foodstuffs only at the shops?

✵ Ви купуєте продукти харчування тільки в магазинах?

✵ What foodstuffs does your mother prefer to buy at the market?

✵ Які продукти мама воліє купувати на ринку?

✵ Why does your mother prefer to buy meat, fish, vegetables at the market?

✵ Чому мама воліє купувати м'ясо, рибу, овочі на ринку?

✵ Do you yourself go to the food shops to do the shopping?

✵ Ти сам ходиш в продуктові магазини робити покупки?

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