Розмовні теми для початківців: Англійська мова 2-й рік навчання - Соломаха Ельвіра 1997

Mother's day
The Eighth of March in Our Family

It's a tradition of our family to celebrate the 8th of March as Mother’s Day. This day is a day off in Ukraine. So Father and Mother stay at home and we have a good time. On the eve of the 8th of March Father and I go to the department store to choose presents for Mother. Then we cleaned the flat.

In the morning of the day Father goes to the market to buy flowers for Mum and Grannies. Then Father cooks the holiday breakfast. And I lay the table. When Mum comes into the kitchen everything is ready and we sit at the table.

After breakfast we usually go for a walk. It’s also a tradition of our family to go to the Dnieper hills. The views from the observation grounds are so beautiful that I always feel proud for being a Kyivite.

(12 sentences)

✵ Do you celebrate Mother’s day in your family?

✵ Ви святкуєте Мамин день у своїй сім'ї?

✵ When do you celebrate Mother’s Day?

✵ Коли ви святкуєте Мамин день?

✵ In what way do you get ready for Mother’s Day?

✵ Як ви готуєтесь до Маминого дня?

✵ Do you usually present Mum with flowers?

✵ Ви звичайно даруєте квіти мамі?

✵ Is it a really day off for your mother?

✵ Це справді вихідний для мами?

✵ Who cooks the breakfast on that day?

✵ Хто готує сніданок у цей день?

✵ Where do you like to go for a walk on that day?

✵ Куди ви любите ходити гуляти в цей день?

✵ Why do you like to go to the Dnieper hills tor a walk?

✵ Чому ви любите ходити гуляти на Дніпрові схили?

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