Розмовні теми для початківців: Англійська мова 2-й рік навчання - Соломаха Ельвіра 1997

My flat

When you enter the kitchen there is a light switch on the wall to the right of the door. Our kitchen is not too light in the daytime, as its windows face the east and besides there is another house opposite ours. But all the same it’s a very cosy place in our flat.

There are two tables in the kitchen. One of them is near the right wall next to the sink. Mother usually prepares food there. Two cases for the kitchen utensils hang on the wall above this table. Another table is in front of the window. We usually have meals at it. There are four stools at the table. To the left of the door in the comer there is a fridge. There is a bread bin on it. A gas stove is in the right comer. We have not got a dishwasher and a microwave oven. But my Dad dreams to buy them for Mum.

(15 sentences)

✵ Is your kitchen large?

✵ Кухня у вас велика?

✵ Is your kitchen light?

✵ Кухня світла?

✵ Why do you have to switch on the light in the day time?

✵ Чому доводиться включати світло вдень?

✵ Where is a light switch in the kitchen?

✵ Де вимикач в кухні?

✵ What furniture is there in the kitchen?

✵ Які меблі в кухні?

✵ Why are there two tables in the kitchen?

✵ Чому в кухні два столи?

✵ Are there any chairs in the kitchen?

✵ В кухні є стільці?

✵ Is your fridge large or small?

✵ Холодильник у вас великий чи маленький?

✵ Where do you keep bread?

✵ Де ви тримаєте хліб?

✵ Is there a gas or electric stove in your kitchen?

✵ У вас на кухні газова чи електрична плита?

✵ Have you got a microwave oven?

✵ У вас є мікрохвильова піч?

✵ Have you got a dishwasher?

✵ У вас є посудомиюча машина?

✵ Who usually washes up dishes in your family?

✵ Хто у вас в сім'ї миє посуд?

✵ Are you going to buy r dishwasher?

✵ Чи збираєтесь ви купити посудомиючу машину?

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