Розмовні теми частина 2 - Т. М. Гужва 2003

Books and Writers

a) Read and act the dialogues.

b) Make up the dialogues based on the models using as many words as possible dealing with the topic «Books and Writers.»

Dialogue 19-1

What Do People Read Here?

Don: Can either of you tell me who the most popular authors are today? Perhaps you can, Ronald. You see so many people in the train to and from London.

Ronald: Yes, I do, and they seem to read newspapers mostly but if it’s a novel it’s certainly a paperback and usually a detective story or a spy thriller. I myself prefer something with more meat in it, a travel book or a biography, for instance.

Colin: I think novels are for women. They have so much more time on their hands, and they can’t do without romance.

Ronald: I can’t agree with you more. Most of the men I see on the train who are not reading newspapers are poring over books about politics, history, or do-it-yourself manuals — showing them how to make their wives a comer cupboard out of an old box or build a model railway for their sons. This sort of thing gives them a purpose in life, which novel-reading certainly doesn’t. If they want light entertainment they’ve always get TV.

manual — учебник • підручник purpose

in life — цель в жизни • мета в житті

light entertainment — легкое развлечение • легка розвага

Dialogue 19-2

Gilbert: (at the piano) My dear Ernest, what are you laughing at? Ernest: (looking up) At a story that I have just come across in this volume that I’ve found on your table.

Gilbert: What is the book? Ah! I see. I haven’t read it yet. Is it good? Ernest: Well, while you have been playing, I have been turning over the pages with some amusement, though, as a rule, I dislike modem memoirs. They are generally written by people who have either lost memories, or have never done anything worth remembering.

Gilbert: I like all memoirs. I like them for their form as much as for their matter... When people talk to us about themselves they are nearly always interesting.

(from O. Wilde)

to come across smth. — натолкнуться на ч.-л., столкнуться с ч.-л. • наштовхнутися на щось, зіштовхнутися з чимось

amusement — развлечение, увеселение, забава, веселье • розвага, забава, веселощі

Dialogue 19-3

Discussing Books

Tom: What’s the title of the book you’ve reading?

Linda: It’s «Gone with the Wind» by Margaret Mitchell.

Tom: What is the book about? Is it worth reading?

Linda: The story is set around the time of the American Civil War. The plot centres around a love triangle. The main characters are Scarlett O’Hara, Ashley Wilkes and Rhett Butler. You see, I have a good memory for names, but a bad head for figures.

Tom: Do you like the book?

Linda: The book is really thrilling and captivating. I advise you to read it as soon as possible.

Tom: But I like modem literature, especially science fiction and books of adventure.

Linda: You are joking. And what about poetry?

Тот: I don’t know many poems by heart but I like to read poetry.

Linda: What is your attitude to spy thrillers and 'detective stories?

Tom: Oh, can’t get along without them. I prefer to read them just to forget troublesome realities of life. I swallow them one after another. I find it amusing.

Linda: But, anyway, I advise you to read the book « Gone with the Wind». I know for sure you’ll like it.

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