Розмовні теми частина 2 - Т. М. Гужва 2003

Paintings and Painters. Art museums

a) Read and act the dialogues.

b) Make up the dialogues based on the models using as many words as possible dealing with the topics «Paintings and Painters. Art Museums».

Dialogue 20-1

S.: Do you like this painting, Mr. Glyn?

G.: Very much.

S.: You don’t find it obscure and unintelligible.

G.: Not at all.

S.: Then be so good as to tell me what these innumerable black tongue-lickings in the lower part of the picture represent.

G.: Those are people walking about.

S.: Do I look like that when I walk along Piccadilly?

G.: Perhaps not. These people are younger than you.

S.: Indeed. Thank you for reminding me of my antiquity. Then what is this conveyance in the left foreground?

G.: That obviously is a coster’s donkey and barrow.

W.: Impossible. Never saw such an animal. Its pasterns are all wrong.

G.: It is certainly not a coloured photograph, if that is your taste. But it conveys its meaning absolutely, and with great feeling.

W: By out-of-line drawing?

G.: Executed deliberately and with infinite skill. Isn’t that better than the servile rendering of nature which so many of us repeat year after year?

S.: I will not be persuaded to renounce the grammar of design which has been accepted since Giotto.

G.: Surely that is a reactionary view. When someone gets away from the commonplace you condemn him.

S.: I certainly condemn this. There is not one simple, honest presentation of the natural human form in it. This is not a picture, it is a mere spattering of colours.

G.: Nevertheless, it is art.

S,: I don’t know anything about art. But I know what I like. Blood and thunder, we are not here to be made a mock of or to allow some artistic adventurer to throw a pot of paint in the public’s face. No normal Britisher would be attracted to this picture.

(from A.J. Cronin, «Crusader’s Tomb»)

obscure — мрачный, темный; непонятный, смутный • похмурий, темний; незрозумілий, смутний

conveyance — перевозочные средства • перевізні засоби

barrow — холм, курган • пагорб, курган

to persuade — убеждать; склонять; уговаривать • переконувати; схиляти; умовляти

to renounce — отказываться; отрекаться, отклонять • відмовлятися; відрікатися, відхиляти

Giotto — Джотто Ди Бондоне, итальянский художник эпохи раннего Возрождения (1267—1337) • Джотто ди Бондоне, італійський художник епохи раннього Відродження (1267-1337)

Dialogue 20-2

E.: I over-worked on first burst of pictures.

D.: I must say that was the best stuff of that kind I ever saw done in this country. I saw both your shows, as you remember. They were splendid. What became of all those pictures?

E.: Oh, some were sold and the rest are in storage.

D.: Curious, isn’t it? I should have thought all those things would have been purchased. They were so new and forceful in treatment. You want to pull yourself together and stay pulled. You are going to have a great future in that field. There are lots of things you can do.

E.: What, for instance?

D.: Why, ceilings, mural decorations. I was saying to someone the other day what a mistake it was the Boston Library did not assign some of their panels to you. You would make splendid things of them.

E.: You certainly have a world of faith in me.

(from Theodore Dreiser, «Genius»)

storage — хранилище; хранение • сховище

to assign — определять • визначати

Dialogue 20-3

D.: What a landscape! How quite too marvellous!

E.: No, really?

D.: Don’t you like the stream, the windmill, the willows and all?

E.: I find them treacly sentimental.

D.: Oh, you do, do you? And do you happen to know the name of the painter?

E.: But, dear!..

E.: I had the idea that this portrait would take better than it did.

D.: But it really has no artistic merit.

E.: No artistic merit? I differ with you entirely.

E.: Dad, don’t you find this picture wonderful?

D.: It’s awful.

E.: But look at the cat. I can see every tiny hair on its back.

D.: Dreadful taste!

E.: Why?

treacly — притворный, елейный • єлейний, нудотний, вдаваний

dreadful — ужасный, страшный • жахливий, страшний

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