Розмовні теми частина 2 - Т. М. Гужва 2003

Mass Media

a) Read and act the dialogues;

b) Make up the dialogues based on the models using as many words as possible dealing with the topic «Mass Media.»

Dialogue 21—1

Is Everything Ready?

«This Is Your Life» used to be one of the most popular programmes on American television. Recently one of the national networks started the programmes again — not reruns but all-new shows. Every week a well-known person is invited to a TV studio, without knowing that he or she will be the subject of the programmes. The host greets the person with «This Is Your Lifef’ The person then meets friends and relatives from his or her past and present. The programmes is taped before a live audience. The taping begins at 8:00. It’s 6:45 now and the director is checking the preparations with her new production assistant. The subject of tonight’s show will be an actor, William Paine. The host, as usual, will be Joe Campanaro.

Director. Let’s check the arrangements. We’re bringing Bill Paine here in a rented limousine. He thinks he’s coming to tape a talk show appearance. The driver has been told to arrive at exactly 7:55. The programmes begins at 8:00. At that time Bill will be walking to the studio. Joe will start his introduction at 8:01, and Bill will get here at 8:02. Joe will meet him at the door. Camera 4 will be there. Then he’ll take him to that sofa. It’ll be on Camera 3. Bill will be sitting there during the whole programmes. For most of the show Joe will be sitting next to the sofa or standing on that «X.» He’ll be on Camera 2. The guests will come through that door, talk to Bill and Joe, and then go backstage. Now, is that clear?

Production Assistant. Yes, but — uh — there is one thing.

Director: Well, what is it?

PA: Who’s going to take care of the guests before they come on?

Director: Stephanie is.

PA: And where will they be waiting?

Director: In Room 401 we have a guest lounge. Stephanie will be sitting there with them. They’ll be watching the show on a monitor. She’ll cue them two minutes before they come on.

PA: O.K. I think that covers everything.

(from «American Streamline»)

to go backstage — идти за кулисы • йти за лаштунки

guest lounge — кресло для гостя • крісло для гостя

Dialogue 21—2

This Is Your Life!

Campanaro: Good evening and welcome to « This Is Your Life.» I’m your host, Joe Campanaro. We’re waiting for the subject of tonight’s programme. He’s one of the world’s leading actors, and he thinks he’s coming here for talk show. I think I hear him now... Yes, here he is! William Paine, this is your life!

Paine: Oh, no! I can’t believe it! Not me...

Campanaro: Yes, you! Come in with me now. Ladies and gentlemen, William Paine! (Applause.) Sit right over here, Bill. Let’s begin at the beginning. You were bom in Providence, Rhode Island on July 2, 1942. You were the youngest of six children. Your mother was a model, and your father worked at a furniture store. Of course, your name was Herman Wartski then. Do you recognize this voice?

Voice: I remember Herm — Bill — when he was two. He used to cry and scream all day.

Paine: Rosanne!

Campanaro: Yes, all the way from Tokyo — we flew here to be with you tonight — your sister, Rosanne Wartski Tatsukawa.

Paine: Rosie, why didn’t you tell me?

Campanaro: Yes, you haven’t seen each other for 9 years. Take a seat next to him, Rosanne. You went to school in Providence and got your diploma from Whitney High School in 1960. Do you remember this voice?

Voice: Herman! Stop day-dreaming! I asked you a question!

Paine: Incredible! It’s Mr. Theissen.

Campanaro: Your English teacher, Mr. Irwin Theissen. Was Bill a good student, Mr. Theissen?

Theissen: Well, not really. No, he was the worst in the class. But he was a great actor, even in those days. He could imitate all the teachers.

Campanaro: Thank you, Mr. Theissen. You can talk to Bill later. Well, you went on to the Yale School of Drama in 1962 and finished in 1966. In 1970 you went to Hollywood. Do you know this voice?

Voice: Say, Bill, can you ride a horse yet?

Paine: Rita!

Campanaro: Yes, Rita Colon, who’s flown in from New York, where she’s appealing in the musical 34th Street.

Colon: Bill, darling! It’s so wonderful to see you. Hello, Joe, darling. Bill and I were in a movie together in 1974. Bill had to learn to ride a horse, and... well, Bill doesn’t like horses very much.

Paine: Like them? I’m scared to death of them!

Colon: Anyway, poor Bill practised for 2 weeks. Then he went to the director — it was John Galveston — and said, «What do you want me to do?» John said, «I want you to fall off the horse.» Bill was furious. He said, «What?! Fall off?! I’ve been practising for two weeks. I could fall off the first day — without any practice!»

(from «American Streamline»)

to recognize — узнавать • впізнавати

incredible — невероятный, неправдоподобный • неймовірний, неправдоподібний

to ride a horse — ездить верхом на лошади • їздити верхи на коні

to be scared to death — быть испуганным до смерти • бути наляканим до смерті

furious — взбешенный, неистовый • лютий, розлючений, оскаженілий

he was furious — он был в ярости • він лютував

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