Розмовні теми частина 1 - Т. М. Гужва 2003

Seasons and weather, climate

Read, translate and render in brief.

Text 5-1

Hard Frost in Kent

Kent has shivered with the rest of the country all this week, and in some places temperatures have been as low as those recorded in the unusually cold winter of 1947.

On Wednesday night the thermometer at East Mailing recorded 10" F (22 degrees of frost). Yesterday at 10 a.m. it had risen only 8 degrees to 18.

The River Medway at Maidstone was frozen in places and boys were out skating.

People in many places found pipes frozen when they got up yesterday morning. In many country districts wells could not be used. Thick ice had to be broken so that animals could get drinking water.

In Ashford, where there were fifteen degrees of frost on Wednesday night, butchers had to work hard to cut up frozen meat. They were watched by housewives, who wondered whether they would get meat for the week-end.

(from С. E. Eckersley)

to shiver — дрожать, трястись • тремтіти, труситися

thermometer — термометр, градусник • термометр

well — колодец, родник • криниця, джерело.

Text 5-2

Fog and Floods in Many Parts of the Country

Further flooding occurred yesterday in many parts of the country. Forty roads in seventeen counties south of a line from Liverpool to the Humber were said to be under water.

An Automobile Association report last night said that in parts of Derbyshire fog was reducing visibility to between ten and fifty yards in some places. Between Manchester and Sheffield visibility was down to ten yards. In Scotland fog was thick and there was ice on the roads in parts of Lanarkshire and Dumfriesshire.

In the Stour valley, in Suffolk and Essex, the river overflowed along a twenty-mile length, and the floods were described as the worst in the district since 1947.

The Severn, at Worcester, had risen two feet during the night to a level ten feet above normal. It was overflowing again at several points in the city for the fifth time in two months.

More than £500,000 of damage is said to have been caused to many small farms and other properties in Pembroke during the night of November 29, when a wind of 130 m.p.h. was recorded in the county.

(from A.S. Hornby)

to occur — случаться, иметь место • траплятися

visibility — видимость • видимість

valley — долина • долина

damage — ущерб, вред • шкода, втрата

Text 5-3

Talking about the Weather

When two Englishmen meet, their first words will be «How do you do?» or «How are you?». And after the reply «Very well, thank you; how are you?» the next remark is almost certain to be about the weather. «It’s a lovely morning, isn’t it?» or «Isn’t it hot today?» and the other person will reply «Yes, it’s wonderful weather we are having. I hope it will keep fine, it seems almost too good to last».

Or perhaps the day is dull, it is raining a little, the sky is grey, and everyone is wearing a mackintosh or carrying an umbrella. As the cars and buses go along the street, they splash the water and mud on the passers-by.

Gradually it gets darker, a thick fog is spreading over London. The lamps are lit in the streets and in the shops and offices; cars and buses put on their lights and can only crawl along. As one friend bumps into another, he says, «Isn’t it a beastly day?» — «Yes,» replies the other, «You can hardly see a yard in front of you».

Then comes winter. There has been a good fall of snow and a hard frost. It is just the day for a good country walk; let us have a tramp down the country lanes. The ground is like iron and rings under our feet, the frost sparkles on the branches, and the icicles hang from the houses.

It is still freezing hard and the ponds are frozen over. There are crowds of people on them sliding and skating, and here is a merry group of schoolboys having a fight with snowballs. It is very pleasant while the frost lasts; the unpleasant time comes when the thaw begins.

A few months have passed and it is a beautiful spring day. The rain fell heavily last night, but now the soft white clouds are floating across the blue sky, and the sun is shining brightly. Raindrops and dewdrops shine on every small green leaf and every blade of young grass.

The farmer has ploughed his fields and the new com is just beginning to appear above the ground. In a few months autumn and harvest time will come. When the com has turned ripe and golden the farmer will reap it and put it in his bam.

(from С. E. Eckersley)

to reply — отвечать • відповідати

remark — замечание, заметка • зауваження

mackintosh — макинтош, прорезиненная материя • макінтош, прогумована матерія

to splash — брызгать(ся), плескать(ся) • бризкати(ся), плескати (ся)

mud — грязь • грязь

passer-by — прохожий • перехожий

to spread — простирать(ся), распространять(ся) • простягатися), розповсюджувати(ся)

to crawl — ползать, тащиться • повзати, волоктися

to bump — ударить(ся), столкнуться • вдаршпи(ся), зіткнутися

beastly — отвратительный, грубый • гидкий, бридкий, брутальний

hardly — едва, с трудом • ледве

to tramp — идти пешком, бродить • йти пішки, вештатися

lane — переулок, проход между рядами • провулок, прохід між рядів

to sparkle — сверкать, искриться • блискати, іскритися

branch — ветвь, отрасль • гілка, галузь

to slide — скользить, катиться с горы • ковзати, котитися з гори

merry — веселый • веселий soft — мягкий • м’який

to float — плавать, свободно носиться • плавати, вільно ширяти

raindrop — капля росы • крапля роси

to plough — пахать, бороздить • орати, борознити

ripe — спелый • спілий

barn] — амбар • амбар, комора

Text 5-4


The year is divided into four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. In spring nature awakens from her long winter sleep. The trees are filled with new life, the earth is warmed by the rays of the sun: and the weather gets gradually milder. The fields and meadows are covered with fresh green grass. The sky is blue and cloudless. At night, millions of stars shine in the darkness.

When summer comes the weather gets warmer still and sometimes it’s very hot. It’s the farmer’s busy season — he works in his field from morning till night. The grass must be cut and the hay must be made, while the dry weather lasts. Sometimes the skies are overcast with heavy clouds. There are storms with thunder, lightning and hail.

Autumn brings with it the harvest-time when the crops are gathered in and the fruit is picked in the orchards. The days get shorter and the nights longer. The woods turn yellow and brown, leaves begin to fall from the trees, and the ground is covered with them. The skies are grey, and very often it rains.

When winter comes, we’re obliged to spend more time indoors because out-of-doors it’s cold. We may get fog, sleet and frost. Ponds, lakes, rivers and streams are frozen, and the roads are sometimes covered with slippery ice or deep snow. The trees are bare. Bitter north winds have stripped them of all their leaves.

(from «The London Linguaphone Course»)

earth — земля • земля

gradually — постепенно • поступово

darkness — темнота, потемки • темрява, сутінки

hay — сено • сіно

dry — сухой • сухий

crop — урожай, жатва • урожай, жнива

orchard — фруктовый сад • фруктовий сад

to turn yellow — становиться желтых», желтеть • жовтіти

to oblige — обязывать, присуждать, вынуждать • зобов'язувати, примушувати

pond — пруд • ставок

stream — ручей • струмок

bare — голый, обнаженный • голий, оголений

to strip — сдирать, снимать, лишать • здирати, знімати, позбавляти

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