Розмовні теми частина 1 - Т. М. Гужва 2003

Seasons and weather, climate

Exercise 5-1

Answer the following questions:

1. What is your favourite season?

2. What climate has Ukraine (Russia, Great Britain, USA)?

3. Do you like autumn? Why?

4. Is autumn a rainy season?

5. What is the weather like in late September?

6. What did the poets say about autumn?

7. Do you like winter? Why?

g. What winter kinds of sports do you prefer?

9. Which is the coldest month of the year?

10. When does nature awaken from its long winter sleep?

11. Do you like spring? Why?

12. When does nature look full of promise?

13. What did the great Russian poet say about summer? Do you agree with him?

14. Do you like summer? Why?

15. What is the weather like today?

16. What is the weather forecast for tomorrow?

Exercise 5-2

(based on the topic «Seasons and Weather, Gimate»).

Fill in the missing words:

1. In autumn the sky is often ______ , the sun ______ behind the clouds and then _____ again.

2. As autumn is a rainy season, the weather is mostly _____ , and, of course, it is not _____ .

3. I don’t like rain of any kind, even if it just _____ .

4. But in any case, nature begins to _____ _____.

5. Strange as it may seem, they _____ autumn to any other season.

6. It is the time of _____ , tasty _____ and vegetables, time of beautiful _____ leaves, the time when nature is very _____ .

7. They consider winter to be the _____ season.

8. In winter the sun shines _____ , its rays are _____ , it sets early and _____ late.

9. Large _____ slowly fall to the ground, the streets are _____ with ice.

10. The _____ glitter in the sun.

11. But children enjoy being _____ .

12. By the end of winter the temperature _____ and the snow begins to _____ .

13. The rivers are in _____ .

14. The trees begin to _____ and soon _____ green leaves will appear.

15 Thin new _____ of grass come up, the fruit trees begin to _____ .

16. The farmers till the _____ and _____ . the seed.

17. We all welcomed and _____ of spring.

18. In fact, sometimes the heat is _____ .

19. But the weather is _____ in summer.

20. I see no reason to speak in _____ of any season.

Exercise 5-3

For each rhyme place the letter of the best meaning in the space provided:

a) summer

b) spring

c) winter

d) autumn

1. The trees are green,

Blue skies are seen,

White winter’s gone away,

The world looks new and gay.

2. The snow is falling,

The wind is blowing,

The ground is white

All day and all night.

3. Yellow, red and green and brown

See the little leaves come down,

Dancing, dancing in the breeze,

Falling, falling from the trees.

4. The sun is shining,

The flowers are blooming,

The sky is blue,

The rains are few.

5. See the pretty snowflakes

Falling from the sky,

On the walls and housetops

Soft and thick they lie.

6. The summer is over,

The trees are bare,

There’s mist in the garden

And frost in the air.

7. This is the season

When children ski,

And Father Frost

Brings the New Year tree.

8. This is the season

When fruit is sweet,

This is the season,

When schoolfriends meet.

This is the season

When mornings are dark

And birds do not sing

In the wood and the park.

9. I see the summer birds fly south,

Now the days are cool.

Do they look down and see

That I am on my way to school?

10. _____ But now is___,

The branches are-bare,

There’s ice on the puddles

And frost in the air.

Use Гyжва T. Workbooks which provide sufficient material for students’ traning on the topic «Seasons And Weather, Climate" consisting of exercises based on each text, idioms, proverbs, additional texts and dialogues, discussions, culture notes and humor.

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