Розмовні теми частина 1 - Т. М. Гужва 2003


a) Read and act the dialogues.

b) Make up the dialogues based on the models using as many words as possible dealing with topic «Meals ».

Dialogue 6-1

A Restaurant Kitchen

Waitress: Hurry up, Chef! I have 12 customers, and they all want today’s special. Some of them have been waiting for 15 minutes. They’re getting upset.

Chef: I know, I know, but I only have two hands. You’ll have to help me.

Waitress: Help you? That’s not my job. I’m a waitress, not a cook.

Chef: Well, one of my assistants is off today, and the other is out sick.

Waitress: Oh, ok. What do I do first?

Chef: Well, start putting the meat on the plates, and I’ll finish these vegetables.

Waitress: Ok. Is that enough meat?

Chef: Hm. That’s a little too much. Take some off.

Waitress: What about potatoes?

Chef: Oh, put on plenty of potatoes — they’re cheap — and lots of peas.

Waitress: All right. Can I take them out now?

Chef: Have you put the gravy on yet?

Waitress: Huh? Oh, no, I haven’t. Where is it?

Chef: Here it is.

Waitress: Oh, there isn’t enough gravy.

Chef: There’s plenty in that pot over there.

Waitress: Here? Ok. I’ve got it.

Chef: Fine. Now you can begin taking the plates out to the customers.

Waitress: Whew! They’re hot!

Chef: Well, use a dish towel. And don’t саrrу too many plates. You might drop them.

Waitress: Oh, I won’t drop them. I’ve never dropped a plate in my life!


(from "American Streamline')

Dialogue 6-2

In a Restaurant

Waiter: Good evening. Two for dinner?

Boris: Yes, that’s right.

Waiter You can leave your coats here. Were would you like to sit?

Boris: Thank you. Where would you like to sit, Natalie?

Waiter. Would you like this table by the window?

Boris: Yes, that’s nice. Could we see the menu?

Waiter: Certainly. Here it is. Shall I give you a few minutes to look at it?

Boris: Yes. We’ll order in a few minutes.

Boris: Do you want an appetizer?

Natalie: Hm. I think I’ll have a shrimp cocktail. I’m crazy about shrimp. What about you?

Boris: I’m not sure. I can’t decide.

Natalie: Oh, if I were you, I’d have the smoked salmon. You always say you like smoked salmon, and you haven’t had any for a long time.

Waiter: Are you ready to order now?

Boris: Yes, one shrimp cocktail and one smoked salmon, please.

Waiter: Fine. And the entree?

Boris: Well, we can’t decide between the veal and the chicken. What do you recommend?

Waiter: Both are good, but if I were you I’d have the veal. It’s the speciality of the house.

Waiter What would you like with the veal? Maybe some vegetables?

Natalie: Yes. Some zucchini, some carrots, and some boiled potatoes.

Waiter: And a salad?

Natalie: Bring me a mixed salad with the entree, please.

Waiter: All right. Will you want a dessert?

Natalie: Can we order that later?

Waiter: Of course.

Waiter: Would you like a bottle of red wine? May I suggest something?

Boris: Sure.

Waiter: Why don’t you have a carafe of our house wine. It’s Chilean. You’ll like it.

Boris: That sounds fine. Let’s try it.

(from «American Streamline»)

Dialogue 6-3

A Few Errands

Felix: I’m just going to the shops to buy some cigarettes, Gertie. Do you want anything while I’m there?

Gertie: Yes, what a good idea! There are a lot of things I need, as a matter of fact. Let me see... We haven’t got many eggs left, so bring a dozen of large ones. And there isn’t much cooking-fat in the jar, so bring a pound of lard. And...

Felix: Hold on! If you want me to get a lot of things, write them down on a piece of paper, or I’ll forget something.

Gertie: All right. But wait a minute, while I look in the other cupboard to see what we need.

Felix: Hurry up, then I want to call in for a chat with Jerry on the way back.

Gertie: We’ve got plenty of cocoa, but we’ve run out of coffee and there isn’t a great deal of tea left; bring a large tin of instant and a quarter pound of tea. Oh! And I want ham!

Felix: How much?

Gertie: Half a pound will do. We’re short of vegetables, too; bring some beans, and a tin of carrots...

Felix: I only wanted to go out for a stroll and a chat. I’ll need a lorry to bring all that home.

Gertie: Here’s the list. Oh, and you can pick up my coat at the dry-cleaner’s while you’re passing. And do me a favour while you’re at Jerry’s: ask Pam if she’s free on Thursday morning. We’re having a meeting at 10 o’clock about the tennis-club in August.

Felix: Do you mind if I have half an hour to myself after I’ve done all your business for you?

(from «Intermediate Course»; London)

dozen — дюжина • дюжина

hurry up! — поторопись! • поквапся!

to call in for a chat on the way back — заглянуть, навестить с целью поболтать на обратной дороге • заглянути, відвідати з метою побалакати по дорозі додому

to run out of smth. — истощить запас ч.-л. • вичерпати запас чогось

stroll — прогулка • прогулянка

dry-cleaner's — «сухая» чистка • «сухе» чищення

to do a favour — оказать любезность • зробити люб’язність

Additional Topic

Meals in Britain

The English say that in their country the variety of food from meal to meal is probably greater than anywhere else in the world. They say that you can never confuse a breakfast with a dinner, for example, and that in many other countries you eat exactly the same kind of dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. At the same time for the gourmet, «Ukrainian food is of extremely good quality, and it really tastes of something — unlike American food, for instance, which all tastes the same,» says an English television’s famous cook who has visited this country. He praises the Ukrainian national dishes, for example, «Ukrainian borshch» with «smetana» looks good and tastes good.

You can have your meals at home, in a restaurant or a cafe, in the canteen of your factory or office. Those who stay at rest-homes or sanatoria have meals in the dining-hall, which is generally placed in a separate building, usually a cottage with kitchen premises. While travelling by train you can have breakfast, lunch or dinner in the dining-car as well cooked and served as if you were in a first-class hotel, or at the railway station when you are at the point of fainting from hunger you hurry to the refreshment room before the train starts. If you travel by ship your dinner or supper may be served in the dining-saloon.

In case you are up to the eyes in work and can’t go to the canteen but are hungry and want to have a bite you may drop into a selfservice restaurant or «cafeteria» as Americans call a restaurant at which patrons serve themselves at a counter, taking their food to tables to eat.

Nowadays many self-service canteens, restaurants and cafes are being opened throughout the country. When employees or workers have a short break for dinner or lunch they find it impossible to get home for this meal and so they take it in a self-service cafe or restaurant. There are cafes and restaurants to suit every taste and purse.

In Britain you can find table d’hote and a la carte dinners in every restaurant. Table d’hote dinners are cheaper than a la carte ones. When you dine a la carte you order course by course, as you desire. But a table d’hote dinner consists of several courses, a choice is limited, and it is served in a canteen or a restaurant at a fixed price.

to confuse — смешать, перепутать • змішати, переплутати

gourmet — гурман • гурман for instance — например • наприклад

cook — повар • кухар

Ukrainian borshch — украинский борщ • український борщ

to taste good — иметь хороший вкус • мати добрий смак

canteen — столовая • їдальня

separate — отдельный, раздельный • окремий

cottage — коттедж, домик • котедж, будиночок

with kitchen premise — с прилегающей кухней • c прилеглою кухнею

dining-car — вагон-ресторан • вагон-ресторан

to drop into — заглянуть, зайти на минутку • завітати, зайти на хвилинку

self-service restaurant — ресторан самообслуживания • ресторан самообслуговування

counter — прилавок • прилавок

to suit every taste and purse — подходить, соответствовать любому вкусу и кошельку • пасувати, відповідати будь-якому смаку і гаманцю

table d'hote — комплексный обед • комплексний обід

a la carte — порционные блюда • порційні страви

choice — выбор • вибір

to be limited — быть ограниченным, лимитированным • бути обмеженим, лімітованим

fixed price — фиксированная, установленная цена • фіксована, встановлена ціна

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