Розмовні теми частина 1 - Т. М. Гужва 2003


Exercise 6-1

Answer the following questions:

1. What can you say about Ukrainian hospitality?

2. What are your meal-times? What order of meals do you follow?

3. What is the difference between meals and meal-times in England and Ukraine?

4. What is English «afternoon tea’’?

5. What is your favourite dish?

6. How would you lay the table for the guests? What about the menu?

7. What do you generally take for the first (second) course?

8. Do national Ukrainian dishes differ from those of English?

9. If we drink a toast to someone's health on a certain occasion, what do we usually say?

10. What is sold at the baker’s (grocer’s, butcher’s, fishmonger’s, confectionery)?

11. Are you a great eater?

12. If your hostess asks you whether you would like another cup of tea, what would you reply (a) if you wanted one; (b) if you didn’t want one?

Exercise 6-2

Till in the missing words:

1. The _____ of the Ukrainian people is well known throughout the world.

2. When a foreigner sets foot in Ukraine first he _____ with our cookery — _____ _____ and meal-times.

3. Dinner is the _____ and the most substantial meal.

4. In a great many Ukrainian homes dinner is followed by a cup of tea with a _____ , jam and home-made _____ .

5. First you spread the _____ and then put out table-mats to protect the table from the hot dishes a _____ of soup, a bowl of hot vegetables, a _____ of meat, a _____ of sauce.

6. You should put the knives and soup spoon on the _____ side and the fork on the _____ , except the spoon for the sweet which you should put across the _____ .

7. _____ of each guest you put a small plate for bread and on _____ a wine-glass.

8. Don’t forget to put but table _____ for each guest and place several salt-cellars.

9. I began with _____ followed by clear soup with meat pasties and the second course included chicken with rice and vegetables.

10. Then ice-cream for the _____ and fruit for _____ .

Exercise 6-3

For each sentence place the letter of the best answer in the space provided:

1. The national Ukrainian dishes are:

a) beefsteak        

b) porridge

c) borshch

d) clear soup

2. The English afternoon «high tea» is:

a) the first meal of the day  

b) the chief and the most substantional meal of the day

c) the meal we have during the break

d) the meal between five and six o’clock

3. A «continental» breakfast consists of

a) porridge or «Com Flakes» with milk, bacon and eggs, marmalade with buttered toast,and tea or coffee

b) rolls and butter and coffee

c) a boiled egg, cold ham, or perhaps fish, and a glass of orange juice

d) a ham sandwich, fried eggs and mashed potatoes

4. English people generally have lunch at:

a) ten o’clock      

b) eleven o’clock

c) one o’clock

d) two o’clock

5. When we lay the table we put the knives and the soup-spoon:

a) on the left-hand side        

b) in the middle of the table

c) on the right hand side

d) across the top

6. When I want to have a bite I go:

a) to the restaurant            

b) to the snack-bar

c) to the cinema

d) to the shop

7. We buy cereals at the:

a) fishmonger’s              

b) butcher’s

c) grocer’s

d) baker’s

8. If you want some more tea you’ll say:

a) give me another cup of tea, please

b) no more, thanks

c) could you pass me some sugar, please?

d) enjoy your tea!

Exercise 6-4

Make up a dialogue about the location of the things at a supermarket.

The ESL Supermarket-1

Directions: In each of the spaces marked «X, » write one of the following: «fruits,» «vegetables,» «meats,» «dairy,» «bakery». Then in any appropriate location, write fifteen of the following. Your partner will ask for their location.



paper towels






















The ESL Supermarket-2

Directions: Study this plan of a supermarket. Be ready to describe the exact location of the things that your partner asks for.

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