Розмовні теми частина 1 - Т. М. Гужва 2003


Exercise 7-1

Answer the following questions:

1. When do you usually go shopping?

2. Where do you go shopping?

3. What have you bought today in the way of food?

4. What have you recently bought in the way of manufactured goods?

5. Are the shops crowded when you do your shopping?

6. What do you usually buy in the market?

7. What is the biggest Department Store in Kyiv (in your hometown)?

8. What kind of clothes do you prefer: ready-made or made-to- order?

9. What time is your nearest shop open (closed)?

10. What size in dress do you take? What about your mother and father?

11. What size in shoes do you take?

12. What colour of hats do you prefer?

13. What colour of gloves would you like to buy to match your new handbag?

14. You have run out of vegetables. Where will you go?

15. You want to try a coat on. Where will you do it?

16. What things do you wear in summer and in winter?

17. What can you buy in the Central Department Store? Describe your visit there.

Exercise 7-2

(based on the topic «Shopping»).

Fill in the missing words:

1. It’s a multistoreyed building where one can get everything in the way of _____ and _____ goods.

2. I must confess it was so difficult to make a suitable ____ in such a huge shop with a lot of _____ and shelves?

3. Then I went along the ground door and looked into the _____ of the grocery, where I could see all kinds of _____ .

4. There were some _____ counters on the ground floor and I found myself in a fantastic _____ city of different things.

5. I was impressed by a great _____ of silk skirts and shirts, _____ of boots and shoes, jeans and _____ , pullovers and sweaters, jackets and blouses, bags and _____ .

6. It was the latest and I made up my mind to it _____ .

7. But unfortunately it was a bit _____ on me and didn't _____ me perfectly.

8. The shop-assistant suggested looking at a beautiful ______ .

9. The _____ of the present wasn’t very high, I must admit.

10. So I paid the money at the _____ .

11. The cashier gave me a _____ and I came up to the _____ with it again.

12. On my way home I suddenly remembered that my mother had given me a few _____ .

13. We had ______ of bread and I had to drop in at the _____ to buy a _____ of white bread, a loaf of brown bread, five _____ and half a _____ small cakes.

14. There was a long _____ at the grocer’s.

15. I bought some _____ (bananas and apples) at the _____ near the bus stop.

Exercise 7-3

For each sentence, place the letter of the best answer in the space provided:

1. At the perfumery department women can buy:

a) linen cloth      

b) fur hat

c) mascara

d) cassette

2. In winter women usually put on:

a) bathing suit      

b) suede jacket

c) apron

d) fur coat

3. When one wants to try something on he goes to the:

a) fitting room      

b) bathroom

c) dining-car

d) closet

4. You have been invited to a birthday party and, of course, you want to look elegant. So you put on:

a) light summer frock    

b) tailcoat («tails»)

c) swimming trunks

d) pyjamas .

5. You are going to the picnic with your friends. What kind of shoes have you chosen?

a) platform shoes      

b) evening sandals

c) high heel shoes

d) trainers (sneakers)

6. It is raining cats and dogs, but you must go out. You have nothing to do but put on:

a) T-shirt        

b) shorts

c) raincoat

d) tracksuit

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