Розмовні теми частина 1 - Т. М. Гужва 2003

The cinema

a) Read and act the dialogues.

b) Make up the dialogues based on the models using as many words as possible dealing with the topic «Cinema».

Dialogue 8-1

Wendy: What are you doing tonight, Michelle?

Michelle: I’m staying home. There’s a good horror movie on TV.

Wendy: What is it?

Michelle: «The Blood of Frankenstein ".

Wendy: Oh, I’ve seen it. It’s really frightening.

Michelle: Frightening? I think horror movies are amusing.

Wendy: Amusing? Horror movies?

Michelle: Yes. I went with Anne to see Dracula II last week. I was very amused. I laughed from beginning to end.

Wendy: What about Anne?

Michelle: Oh, she was terrified. She was under the seat.

(from «American Streamline»)

frightening — пугающий, вызывающий испуг • що лякає, викликає переляк

to be terrified — ужасаться • жахатися

Dialogue 8-2

Going to the Movies

— Shall we see a film tonight?

— That would be delightful. I haven’t seen any films for many weeks.

— There are several movies in the neighbourhood which show the latest pictures.

— Let’s consult the newspapers to see what movies are being shown in the town.

— A splendid idea.

— At the nearest cinema house they show a film of the year.

— My wife and I have already seen it. We enjoyed it immensely.

— Here is a good programme. They show two main pictures, a French film and an American. I don’t think you have seen them.

— I have seen neither of them. Shall we be able to obtain seats? That movie house is always full.

— Seats are not reserved at that movie house, but I am sure we shall be able to get in. Shall we buy balcony seats, if stall seats are not available?

— Please don’t. I hate seeing a film from the balcony, it is too far from the screen. I wear glasses.

— Ok. The movie starts in ten minutes. There are many comfortable seats in the foyer. We can wait there and enjoy a cigarette in the meantime.

— Now, that we have seen both films. What do you think of the films?

— In the French film the actors spoke with a slight French accent. The acting was faultless, but the action developed very slowly. Don’t you agree with me?

— Yes, I do. 1 like more the English film. The plot was very interesting. The camera work was excellent.

(from «American Streamline ")

film of the year — лучший фильм года • кращий фільм року

immensely — безмерно, чрезвычайно • безмірно, надзвичайно

to obtain — получать, добывать • одержувати, добувати

to be full — быть заполненным • бути заповненим

available — пригодный, действительный, имеющий силу • придатний, дійсний

meantime — тем временем, до тех пор • тим часом, доти

to speak with a slight accent — говорить с небольшим акцентом • говорити з невеликим акцентом

faultless — без ошибок, без дефектов • без помилок, без дефектів

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