Розмовні теми частина 1 - Т. М. Гужва 2003

The cinema

Exercise 8-1

Answer the following questions:

1. What can you say about the motion picture art of the beginning of the century?

2. Who was the first to take advantage of all movies’ devices to create the filmic grammar that is present, in some form or another, in every modem film?

3. What role did Griffith play in the creation of the motion picture art industry?

4. Every film-making nation of the world has had its own Golden Ages, hasn’t it? Prove your statement with examples.

5. When did British film see its peak?

6. Whom do you consider to be the best film director in Ukraine (Russia, Britain, the USA)?

7. What do you know about a movie-maker, great experimentalist and artist Walt Disney?

8. What kind of cinema do you know?

9. Which films do you prefer?

10. Do you know foreign films dubbed in Ukrainian (Russian)?

11. Who is your favourite film star?

12. Do you often go to the cinema?

13. What do you prefer to watch a film on TV or on the screen in the regular cinema?

14. How do cinema-goers express their enthusiasm for a film?

15. What advantages has the cinema over other vehicles of culture and means of entertainment?

16. In what way might cinema be used as an aid in teaching schoolchildren (students)?

17. What film have you seen recently?

18. In which row in the cinema do you usually sit?

19. What new picture would you advise us to see? Where is it on?

20. How long does the show of the full-length motion picture last?

21. How long is the newsreel?

22. Do you generally have to line up in the queue to get seats for the show? How long?

23. What is being shown at the cinema right now?

Exercise 8-2

(based on the topic «Cinema»).

Fill in the missing words:

1. There is no denying the fact that the cinema is an excellent _____ of culture.

2. Its _____ are unlimited.

3. More than anything else this _____ quality secured popularity for the film as a new form of instruction and__________ .

4. Besides, the films may be colour or black and white, full-length or _____ , sound or _____ , dubbed in mother tongue, threedimensional or _____ .

5. For this reason I see films on television more _____ .

6. I prefer feature films and _____ comedies.

7. But at the same time I am fond of _____ films describing the life of the ordinary people, their_________________ and problems.

8. As a rule such films leave a deep and lasting ______ upon me.

9. A modem cinema programme contains a _____ , which shows us pictures of important recent developments.

10. In my opinion the _____ _____ films are popular both with children and adults.

11. Movies are also shown on television and can be rented _____ or _____ as a video recording.

12. Attending movies is a relatively _____ leisure time activity that is very _____ .

Exercise 8-3

In the spaces provided, mark each true statement T and each false one F:

□ 1. When one wants to watch a film he goes to the Opera House.

□ 2. Many cartoons of the later years have very interesting and amusing plots.

□ 3. W. Disney has presented the world of the average American, preaching a moral, giving a message of optimism, of success.

□ 4. No other art form had quite the impact on our lives that the motion pictures have.

□ 5. Cinema does not impact on people’s lives.

□ 6. Cinema is an expensive leisure time activity.

□ 7. Cinema can help a lot in the field of education.

□ 8. The success of a film mainly depends on the film director.

□ 9. In the twentieth century people are much more fascinated by theatre than by cinema.

□ 10. Cinema is not an earnest art. It is just an entertainment.

□ 11. Actors should speak different languages in films.

□ 12. A lot of people are fond of lining up in the queue.

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