Розмовні теми частина 1 - Т. М. Гужва 2003

At the theatre

a) Read and act the dialogues.

b) Make up the dialogues based on the models using as many

words as possible dealing with the topic «At the Cinema ».

Dialogue 9-1

At the Theatre

— Good evening, Mr. McDonald! Never expected to meet you.

— Good evening, Mr. Bailey! This is a small world. How are you?

— I am doing fine, thanks. How is life treating you?

— Never felt better in my life. Thanks.

— Pleased to hear it. Incidentally, where do you have a seat?

— In the stalls, row C. and where is your seat?

— In the box, close to the stage. So I don’t have to use opera glasses.

— Fine. What do you think of the play?

— Frankly speaking I don’t like it. The action develops slowly. Some scenes are dull. The cast is not very good. Do you share my opinion?

— Yes, I do. That happens to be a rather poor performance. Have you been to this theatre before?

— I am here for the first time. The hall is beautifully decorated and the chandelier is wonderful.

— I advise you to see «The Twelfth Night» by Shakespeare at this theatre. I am sure you will be impressed.

— I had a chance of seeing the play at the Sovremyennik Theatre in Moscow. It was many years ago.

— It would be interesting for you to compare the two performances. Don’t you think so?

— I fully agree with you here. I have been dreaming of seeing a play by Shakespeare in this country. So I'll do my utmost to see "The Twelfth Night».

— The lights are going down. In a minute the curtain will be up. We must hurry to the hall.

— Be seeing you later.

(from «Digest")

frankly speaking — откровенно говоря • відверто кажучи

to share one’s opinion — разделять мнение • поділяти думку

chandelier — канделябр, люстра • канделябр, люстра

to compare — сравнивать • порівнювати

to dream — мечтать • мріяти

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