Розмовні теми частина 1 - Т. М. Гужва 2003


Exercise 10-1 Answer the following questions:

1. What kind of music do you prefer to listen to?

2. Are you fond of music? Why?

3. Which composer do you like best? Can you say anything about your favourite composer?

4. What is the largest concert hall in Kyiv (Moscow; in the town where you live)? Describe it, please.

5. Which recitals do you generally attend? Why?

6. When did you attend a pianoforte recital last? Who gave it? What is your impression of the pianist?

7. Do you like classical music?

8. Would you name the prize-winners of the first Tchaikovsky Contest for pianists, please?

9. Have you heard Shostakovich’s Seventh Symphony on the wireless or in the Concert-Hall? Who(m) is it dedicated to?

10. Who is your favourite singer (musician, composer, pianist, violinist, guitarist)?

11. Which music do you prefer classical or contemporary (modem)?

12. Do you enjoy Ukrainian folk music? Why?

13. What is your opinion of jazz (dance music, chamber music, symphonic music, instrumental music)?

14. What role does music play in our life?

Exercise 10-2

(based on the topic «Music»).

Fill in the missing words:

1. Many books have been written on the mysteries of _____ form, yet few make it clear that form is not a _____ into which the composer pours his music, but a _____ process of presenting those ideas most effectively.

2. It is the business of the _____ to choose a suitable form for the movement of his composition and if he knows his job, the _____ will be there.

3. «Music is a _____ and I have endeavoured to vest my symphony with those feelings which _____ our people.

4. When the audience heard the inspiring first performance of Shostakovich’s Seventh _____ , they followed the composer’s _____ of musical thought which he embodied in his work.

5. The _____ life in our country is not limited to the activities of composers alone.

6. Our singers and _____ , pianists and _____ make concert touts of our country and abroad.

7. The traditions _____ by Glinka were brilliantly developed by Darhomyzsky, Rubinstein, Balakirev, Mussorgsky, Rimsky-Korsakov.

8. It was Tchaikovsky who wrote music that changed the _____ art.

9. Ukraine has given the world a lot of brilliant _____ and _____ .

10. Ukrainian _____ are warmly received in many countries.

11. Ukraine takes an active part in the world _____ process.

12. Everyone finds something of individual _____ and charm in its _____ concerts.

Exercise 10-3

Match each word in the left-hand column with the best meaning in the right-hand column. Place the letter of the best definition in the space provided:

1) recital

2) music-stool

3) composer

4) form

5) accompanist

6) minuet

7) cantata

8) concert

9) conductor

10) xylophone

a) a writer of music.

b) a person who plays a musical accompaniment.

c) a person who directs an orchestra, chorus, ect.

d) a programme of music, vocal or instrumental, represented by one person.

e) a musical performance of some length by several voices or both.

f) a seat without a back, used when playing the piano.

g) a piece of music to be sung by soloists and a chorus.

h) the style or manner of expression.

i) an instrument used by band players.

j) music for a graceful slow dance.

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