Розмовні теми частина 1 - Т. М. Гужва 2003

The post-office. Telephone

a) Read and act the dialogues.

b) Make up the dialogues based on the models using as many words as possible dealing with the topic «The Post-Office. Telephone».

Dialogue 11-1

A: Operator. Can I help you?

B: What’s the area code for San Francisco?

A: 415.

B: Thank you. Now, let’s see. 1-415-555-1212.

C: Directory Assistance for which city?

B: San Francisco.

C: Can I help you?

B: Alta California Co. at 1414 Adrian Street.

C: The number is 692-1285.

B: Thank you.

C: You’re welcome. Have a nice day.

D: Perry, Ross and Company. Can I help you?

E: I’d like to speak to James Singh, please.

D: Which department is he in?

E: Accounting.

D: Just a moment. I’ll connect you. It’s ringing.

Dialogue 11-2

F: Let’s see. I dial «0» first: 0-314-725-5735.

G: Operator.

F: Hello. This is a collect call, operator.

G: What’s your name?

F: Joan Sinewski.

G: Can you spell that, please?

F: S-I-N-E-W-S-K-I.

G: Just a moment, please.

F: Thank you.

Dialogue 11-3

H: Who are you talking to?

I: Nobody.

H: Well, why are you holding the phone?

I: My watch stopped. I’m calling the time. Listen. (Good morning. At the tone the time will be 9:52 and 40 seconds — Beep.)

H: What number is the time?

I. 976-1616.

Dialogue 11-4

A Busy Office

Jay Power: Yes, Janice, what is it?

Janice Mills: Bob Hudson wants to speak to you.

Jay Power: I’m very busy right now. Ask him to call back later. Janice Mills: All right.

Jay Power: Oh, and Janice, tell Chris to photocopy the President’s report.

Janice Mills: Ok. Anything else?

Jay Power: Yes. Tell Helen not to call her boyfriend on the office phone.

Janice Mills: All right, I will.

Janice Mills: Hello? This is Mr. Power’s secretary again.

Bob Hudson: Yes?

Janice Mills: I’m afraid Mr. Power’s very busy right now. Can you call back later?

Bob Hudson: All right. What about this afternoon?

Janice Mills: Yes, that’ll be fine.

Janice Mills: Oh, Chris?

Chris Day: Yes, Janice?

Janice Mills: Mr. Power wants you to photocopy this report.

Chris Day: Ok. I’ll do it later.

Janice Mills: No, Chris. Do it now. I know it’s important.

Janice Mills: Helen, did you call your boyfriend on the office phone yesterday?

Helen Biagi: Well — uh — yes. I did. But it was urgent.

Janice Mills: Hm. I think Mr. Power heard you. He wasn’t very pleased about it. Don’t use the office phone for personal calls.

Helen Biagi: Yes. Ok, Janice. I won’t do it again. I’m sorry.

Jay Power: Janice, did you speak to Bob Hudson?

Janice Mills: Yes, I did. I asked him to call back later. He says he’ll call you this afternoon.

Jay Power: Fine. Has Chris photocopied that report yet?

Janice Mills: Not yet, but I told him to do it immediately. I think he’s doing it now.

Jay Power: Good. Did you tell Helen not to call her boyfriend from here.

Janice Mills: Yes, I told her not to use the office phone for personal calls. She says she won’t do it again. I’m sure she won’t.

Jay Power: Well, I hope she won’t. Her boyfriend is living in Saudi Arabia!

(from «American Streamline»)

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