Розмовні теми частина 1 - Т. М. Гужва 2003

The post-office. Telephone

Exercise 11-1

Answer the following questions:

1. What are the duties of the Post-Office?

2. What services does each post-office offer our citizens?

3. What must you do if you want to send a wire?

4. How long does it take a wire to reach the addressee?

5. On what occasions do you get and send telegrams?

6. When did you send a telegram last? Did you send it with the reply prepaid? Did you send it by telephone or did you go to the nearest post-office?

7. How do you cash a money order?

8. How do you send a parcel?

9. What can you buy at the post-office?

10. Where does a postman drop your letters and newspapers?

11. When do you usually receive your correspondence?

12. What conveniences does a telephone offer?

13. Where and when was Alexander Bell bom?

14. When did Bell make the first claim to his invention?

15. What was Bell’s attitude towards his invention?

16. What do you have to do if you are making a call from your town call-box?

17. What does the telephonist generally say if he or she can’t put you through?

18. What is a telephone extension?

19. What is your telephone number?

20. What does the telephone directory contain?

21. In case you haven’t got a directory where do you ring up for information?

Exercise 11-2

(based on the topic «The Post-Office. Telephone»).

Fill in the missing words:

1. In our city we have the _____ Post-Office and a lot of post-offices whose officials do their ordinary job _____ and devotedly.

2. It is the _____ who brings many items of news to everybody, going round from house to house, and _____ the letters into our ______ .

3. It _____ postage-stamps in honour of every _____ event or making the memory of _____ personalities.

4. If you want to _____ a money order take you passport with you.

5. If you want to send a wire just ask for a _____ at the counter and _____ it in.

6. And very soon the postman will _____ your letter or postcard to the _____ .

7. As the post-office offers many _____ , for instance, it pays pensions and family , issues _____ for televisions and radios, sells stamps either separately or in _____ with several stamps of various _____ , makes trunk calls, there are _____ there.

8. I _____ my parcel to the clerk, she _____ it on the scales, gave me necessary stamps and I paid money for it.

9. You see, the _____ that you have to pay depends on the weight of the parcel.

10. I came into the call-box, put a coin in the _____, then took up the _____ .

11. When I heard the _____ tone indicating that nothing was wrong on the line, I _____ my friend’s number and I could speak to him.

12. When I finished speaking on the phone, I _____ the receiver.

Exercise 11-3

For each sentence, place the letter of the best answer in the spасе provided.

1. The Post-office has many duties:

a) it can suggest eating some fast food;

b) we can see an interesting film there;

c) we can reserve a round trip ticket there;

d) we can send letters and other mail there.

2. You want to have a conversation with a friend of yours who lives in another town. So you:

a) send a letter;      

b) make a trunk call;

c) buy an envelope;

d) send a reply pre-paid telegram.

3. You want to send your letter by air-mail and registered. So you:

a) buy stamps and give them to the official behind the counter with the notice «Registered Letters»;

b) you fill in the printed form and cash the money;

c) you drop your letter into the nearest pillar-box;

d) you weigh the letter on the scales.

4. When you answer the telephone and can’t make out who is speaking to you, you say:

a) «Hold the line».      

b) «I am sorry, it must be the wrong number».

c) «Who is on line?»

d) «Thanks for calling».

5. The telephonist generally says in case he (she) can’t put you through:

a) «I can’t get through».    

b) «Speak slowly, please».

c)«May I use your phone?»

d) «I can’t hear you well».

6. You have forgotten your friend’s telephone number. So you look in the:

a) cookery;        

b) notebook;

c) telephone directory (telephone book);

d) newspaper.

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