Розмовні теми частина 1 - Т. М. Гужва 2003


a) Read and act the dialogues.

b) Make up the dialogues based on the models using as many

words as possible dealing with the topic «Travelling».

Dialogue 12-1

But you Said...

Travel Agent: Hello. Can I help you?

Marion: I’m interested in your Curacao vacation package. I saw your ad in yesterday’s paper.

Travel Agent: Oh, yes! The Caribbean! I can recommend it highly.

Marion: Can you tell me a little more about it?

Travel Agent: Of course. It’s a terrific package tour. You’ll travel on a regularly scheduled flight. You’ll be met at the airport and taken to your hotel. The hotel is very near the beach. It has a swimming pool and a great disco. It’s a very modem place — it was built last year. The restaurant is wonderful, and drinks are cheap in Curacao. And you can walk to the blue waters of the Caribbean in two minutes.

Marion: It sounds terrific! I’d like to make a reservation.

Travel Agent: Just a minute, and I’ll get the form to fill out.

Marion made the reservation and paid a deposit. Two months later she was in Curacao. But she was disappointed. When she got home to Chicago, she went to see the travel agent.

Travel Agent: Oh! It’s Marion York. Did you have a good trip?

Marion: No, I certainly did not have a good trip!

Travel Agent: Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. What was wrong?

Marion: Well, when I got to Curacao I had to spend four hours at the airport. You said we would be met, but we weren’t. And you said we would be taken to the hotel. We weren’t, and the taxi cost about $25!

Travel Agent: I see. You had a very bad start. But the hotel was nice, wasn’t it?

Marion: No, it was not! You said it was modern. You were so right — they hadn’t finished building it! We couldn’t sleep because the construction workers were working all night — on our balcony! You said it had a swimming pool, and it did. But it was empty. And the restaurant! They served canned tuna fish every night — tuna and rice, tuna salad, tuna and spaghetti...

Travel Agent: Oh, no!

Marion: You said that the hotel was near the beach. You said we could walk there in two minutes.

Travel Agent: Couldn’t you?

Marion: Sure, but there was one problem. There was an oil refinery between the hotel and the beach, and it took half an hour to walk around it.

Travel Agent: Oh, no! I’m really sorry. We didn’t know. We really can’t give you a refund, but we can give you a ten percent discount on your next vacation trip.

Marion: Next vacation trip! I’m spending my next vacation right here in Chicago!

(from «American Streamline»)

ad (advertisement) — объявление, реклама • оголошення, реклама

swimming-pool — бассейн • басейн

deposit — вклад, задаток, залог • внесок, задаток, застава

to be disappointed — быть разочарованным, обманутым • бути розчарованим, ошуканим

refund — уплата, возвращение (денег), возмещение (расходов) • сплата, повернення (грошей), відшкодування (витрат)

discount — скидка • знижка

Dialogue 12-2

Excursion Trip to Egypt

Mr. Harris: I looked through these brochures last night. I’d like to make a reservation for the excursion to Alexandria leaving July 16.

Travel Agent: The Cleopatra Hotel or the King Tut Palace?

Mr. Harris: The Cleopatra. How far is it from the hotel to the beach?

Travel Agent: About a two-minute walk.

Mr. Harris: Good. How hot is it in Egypt in July?

Travel Agent: About 82°.

Mr. Harris: That’s Fahrenheit of course!

Guide: And that is the Great Pyramid.

Mr. Harris: Oh, yes. It looks very high!

Guide: It’s about 137 meters high. That’s 450 feet.

Mr. Harris: How long are the sides?

Guide: They're 230 meters long — 755 feet.

Mr. Harris: Incredible! How old is it?

Guide: It’s almost four-and-a-half thousand years old.

Sailor: We’re going through the Suez Canal now.

Mr. Harris: Hm. It doesn’t look very wide. How wide is it?

Sailor: About 60 meters. It’s 160 kilometres long.

Mr. Harris: Really? This is a big ship. How deep is the canal?

Sailor: The average depth is about 10 meters.

Mr. Harris: Can you tell me all that in feet and miles?

Guide: Hello, Mr. Harris. Are you coming on the bus trip to Cairo tomorrow?

Mr. Harris: Oh, yes. How far is it?

Guide: It’s about 150 kilometres.

Mr. Harris: How far is it in miles?

Guide: About 90, Mr. Harris.

Mr. Harris: Oh, I see. How long will it take to get there — in hours?

Guide: Three hours, Mr. Harris. I’ll see you tomorrow.

(from American Streamline »)

to make a reservation — забронировать • забронювати

beach — пляж • пляж

incredible — невероятно • неймовірно

average — средний • середній

Dialogue 12-3

Travelling by Air

A: Do I check in here for Eastern Flight 179 to Houston?

B: Do you already have your ticket?

A: Yes. Here you are.

B: Thank you. Can you put your luggage up here, please?

A: Sure. I have four suitcases.

B: We allow only three pieces. You’ll have to pay an extra charge.

A: Oh! Can I carry this one with me?

B: No, I’m sorry. It won’t fit under your seat. That’s $8.00. Thank you. You can choose your seat at Gate 4. Enjoy your flight!

* * *

C: (Buzz!) Excuse me. May I see the contents of your pockets?

A: Of course.

C: Thank you. Put everything in this container. Now go back and come through the detector again.

A: Sure. (Buzz!) Oh, wait! It must be my metal comb. Here it is.

C. That’s fine. Put it with your other things. Now come through again.

D: Hello. Are you going to Houston this morning?

A: Yes. I am. I’d like a window seat, please.

D: May I see your ticket?

A: Oh, sure. Here it is.

D: You want a window seat. Smoking or non-smoking?

A: Non-smoking.

D: Fine. Seat 12A. Here’s your ticket and your boarding pass. Enjoy your flight!

«Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. This is your captain speaking. I’d like to welcome you aboard Eastern’s Flight 179 to Houston. We’re flying at an altitude of 33,000 feet. Our speed is approximately 500 miles per hour. We’ll land in Houston in two-and-a-half hours at 1:20 local time. The temperature in Houston is 78’ Fahrenheit. That’s 25° Celsius. In a few minutes you’ll be able to see the Mississippi River on the right. Our flight attendants will serve lunch in a few minutes. Enjoy your flight!»

(from «American Streamline»)

to allow — позволять, разрешать • дозволяти

contents — содержимое • вміст

altitude — высота • висота

approximately — приблизительно • приблизно

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