Розмовні теми частина 1 - Т. М. Гужва 2003


Exercise 12-1

Answer the following questions:

1. What means of travel do you know?

2. Why are many people fond of travelling?

3. Do you like travelling by train? Why? What makes you like (dislike) it?

4. What are the advantages of travelling by train?

5. How many days in advance do you book your train tickets?

6. What trains are most convenient for travelling over long distances?

7. Where do you get information about trains?

8. Who helps travellers to carry their luggage?

9. Where do you have your meals while travelling by railway?

10. Have you ever travelled by plane?

11. How does the ground look from a plane?

12. Is it possible to sleep on board a plane?

13. What refreshments can you get on board a plane?

14. What are the advantages and disadvantages of travelling by air?

15. What do you think about walking tours?

16. What are, in your opinion, the most enjoyable means of travel?

17. What ways of travelling are the most comfortable for people?

18. Have you ever travelled by steamer? If so, describe your trip in short.

19. What kinds of ships do you know?

20. What happens to some passengers when the sea is rough?

21.Do you think travelling helps a person to become wiser?

Exercise 12-2

(based on the topic «Travelling»).

Fill in the missing words:

1. Hence some _____ is essential to restore our mental and _____ resources.

2. To understand how true it is you’ve got to go to the  station, a sea or a river _____ or an airport.

3. To be on the safe side and to spare yourself the trouble of standing long hours in the _____ , you’d better book tickets in _____ .

4. And, of course, before getting off you have to make your _____ .

5. You should _____ all your business and visit your friends and _____ .

6. On the eve of your _____ you should pack your things in a _____ .

7. If you are hungry you take some _____ .

8. If you travel by train you find your _____ , enter the corridor and find your _____ .

9. You put your _____ into a special box under the lower seat.

10.___________________ Travelling by train is _____ than by plane, but it has its _____ .

11. There is no doubt it’s much more convenient to travel by train, because it doesn’t stop at small _____ and it takes less time to get to your _____ .

12._____________________________ But if you are in a hurry and want to _____ your time you’d better travel by _____ , because it is the fastest way of _____ .

13.___________ A sea _____ is very enjoyable, indeed.

14._______________ And for this _____ travelling by car is _____ for pleasure trips while people usually take a train or a plane when they are travelling on _____ .

15. When you get tired of relaxation, you become _____ and feel like returning home.

Exercise 12-3

Match each word in the left-hand column with the best meaning in the right-hand column. Place the letter of the best definition in the space provided:

1) carriage

2) sea voyage

3) compartment

4) crew

5) railway

6) tour

7) luggage

8) anchor

9) hitch-hiking

10) suitcase

11) cruise

a) a rather long journey, especially by water.

b) a sea-voyage, from port to port especially as a pleasure trip.

c) bags trucks etc and their contents taken on a journey.

d) portable flat-sided case for clothes, used when travelling.

e) travelling by getting free rides in passing automobiles and walking between rides.

f) a journey, an excursion; a brief one, made by land or water.

g) road or track laid by tails on which trains run.

h) wheeled vehicle for passengers on a railway train.

i) one of several separate divisions of a structure especially of a railway carriage or coach,

j) all the persons working on a ship, aircraft, train, ect.

k) heavy piece of iron with a ring at one end, to which a cable is fastened, used for keeping a ship fast to the sea bottom or a balloon to the ground.

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