Розмовні теми частина 1 - Т. М. Гужва 2003

My home

Read the texts, give a summary and discuss them.

Text 2-1

Our Sitting-Room

Let’s have a look at this picture of our sitting-room. As you come into the room you notice a piano with a low music-stool in front of it. Next to the piano there is a tall bookcase standing against the wall. On the left there is a large window. Under the window there’s a radiator, but you can’t see it because it’s behind the settee. On the settee there are two cushions. The fireplace is at the other end of the room. On each side of the fireplace there’s an armchair. An old lady is sitting in one of the chairs, but nobody’s sitting in the other one: it’s empty.

In the centre of the mantelpiece there’s a clock and above it there is an oval mirror. On the right you can see a standard lamp. Opposite the fireplace you can see a small table with an ash-tray and some newspapers on it. By the table there is a small chair. On the extreme right there’s a radio-set. The floor is covered with a beautiful thick carpet. An electric light is hanging from the middle of the ceiling. At night, when it gets dark we switch on the light and draw the eurtains. During the day, the light comes in lhrough the window.

(from '‘London Linguaphone Course »)

settee — небольшой диван • невелика канапа

cushion — диванная подушка • каналова подушка

mantelpiece — камин • камін

standard lamp — торшер • торшер

Text 2-2

Му Bedroom

At night, when I feel tired and sleepy, I go up to my bedroom and switch on the electric light. I take off my shoes, undress and put on my pyjamas. Then I get into bed and switch off the light.

After a few minutes l fall asleep I sleep the whole night through. Punctually at seven-thirty in "the morning, the alarm-clock rings and wakes me up. I get out of bed, put on my dressing-gown and slippers, and go into the bathroom, where I turn on the hot and cold taps.

While the water’s running into the bath, I wash my face and neck, brush my teeth and shave. My shaving things are on the shelf above the basin. Then I turn off the taps and have my bath. Sometimes I take a shower. When I’ve dried myself with a towel, I get dressed.

On the dressing-table in front of the looking-glass, you’ll see a hairbrush and a comb, a hand-mirror, a bottle of scent and a powder-box. These, of course, don’t belong to me, but to my wife. In the chest of drawers I keep clean linen such as shirts, collars and handkerchiefs, besides things like socks and ties. The dirty linen, is put in a, linen basket and sent to the laundry. In the wardrobe I keep my suits and other clothes, which I hang on coat-hangers.

(from «London Linguaphone Course»)

punctually — точно, пунктуально • точно, пунктуально

looking-glass — зеркало • дзеркало

bottle of scent — флакон духов • скляночка парфумів

powder-box — пудреница • пудрениця

collar — воротник • комір

handkerchief — носовой платок • хусточка

laundry — прачечная • пральня

Text 2-3

The Priestleys’ House

Mr. Priestley lives in a very nice house. It is called «The Pines» and is about ten miles from London. There is a big garden all round it, and I went in at the garden gate and walked along the path to the front door. There is a smooth lawn in front of the house with beds of roses in it. I knocked at the front door.

Mr. Priestley opened it and, with a smile and some words of welcome, shook hands with me and we went into the hall.

Then Mr. Priestley and I went into the sitting-room and sat down in armchairs before the fire, for it was a rather cold day and I was very pleased to see the bright fire burning in the fireplace.

Their sitting-room is quite a big room, about 25 feet long by 15 feet wide. There was a thick carpet on the floor. One or two good water-colours hung on the walls, and there was a large and very interesting oil-painting that I hadn’t seen before. There was a piano on one side of the room. There were four comfortable armchairs, a radio and three or four bookcases filled with books. On a small table

near the window there were copies of «The Times,» «Punch» and some foreign newspapers and magazines.

...After a little time Mrs. Priestley joined us again and said, «Dinner is ready,» so we went to the dining-room, a pleasant-looking room with a Persian carpet on the floor, a dark oak dining-table, six chairs and a sideboard. A red lampshade gave a warm colour to the room, and an electric fire kept it comfortable while we had dinner. Susan drew the brown velvet curtains across the windows, as it was now quite dark outside.

After dinner we went to the sitting room to take coffee and talk together and listen to the news on the radio. It was now eleven o’clock and I was feeling rather tired. Mr. Priestley saw this and said, «You have had a tiring day and you look sleepy; come along upstairs to your bedroom».

Upstairs there were five bedrooms, a bathroom and a lavatory. We went to my room and he said, «Here you are. There is running water in your room and you can wash there or go to the bathroom, whichever you prefer. You will find soap in the soap-dish, and here are your towels. Put on the electric fire and warm your pyjamas before putting them on. There are sheets and three blankets on your bed, and my wife has put a hot-water bottle in it, but if you are not warm enough there is an eiderdown here".

(from C.E. Eckersley)

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