Розмовні теми частина 1 - Т. М. Гужва 2003

At the doctor (medicine and health)

a) Read and act the dialogues.

b) Make up the dialogues based on the models using as many words as possible dealing with the topic «Medicine and Health».

Dialogue 15-1

Harry is I'll

Harry: Nora! Nora!

Nora (coming into the room): Yes, what is it now, Harry?

Harry: Oh, there you are. Look here, Nora, I’m tired of lying here on my back with nothing to do. I hate doing nothing.

Nora: Don’t be silly, Hany. You’ve got a temperature, and staying in bed is the only sensible thing to do. Now just be quiet, and stop preventing me from doing my housework.

Harry: No, seriously, Nora. I can’t bear it. Lying flat on my back!

Nora: Well then, try lying on your stomach for a change!

Harry: Stop being funny. I'm going to get up. There! Look, I’m standing up. I’m quite all right. What’s the use of staying in bed?

Nora: I think you’re being very silly. You’ll only make your temperature go up again.

Harry: It’s no use talking, Nora — being ill doesn’t suit me.

Nora: No — and trying to nurse you doesn’t suit me!

Harry: Now don’t be bitter about it. You know I’m grateful to you for looking after me. But you mustn’t try to keep me in bed like a naughty boy.

Nora: Well, you began it, by behaving like a naughty boy!

Harry: I’m all against this staying in bed for no reason.

Nora: Harry, being ill is a reason... Now don’t stand by that window and catch another cold... Let me see, half past eleven.

Harry: Why do you keep looking at the clock?

Nora: I’m expecting mother — she’s coming over for the day.

Harry: Good heavens, I didn’t know that.

Nora: Yes, I think she has something she wants to talk to you about.    

Harry: Oh heavens! Has she? (groans) Oh... You know, Nora, I do feel a bit ill; perhaps I’d better get back to bed.

Nora: (disingenuously) Oh, what a pity! I thought perhaps you might stay up to see her.

Harry: (to himself) That’s the very reason I’m getting back into bed!

Nora: What did you say?

Harry: Oh, nothing.

with nothing to do — ничего не делая • нічого не роблячи

silly — глупый • дурний

for a change — для разнообразия • для розмаїтості

to suit smb. — подходить, быть к лицу к.-л. • підходити, личити кому-небудь

to be grateful to smb. — быть благодарным к.-л. • бути вдячним кому-небудь

naughty boy — непослушный мальчик • неслухняний хлопчик

for no reason — без причины • без причини

Dialogue 15-2

Consulting a Doctor

Doctor: Well, what’s the matter with you, Mr. Walker?

Patient: You’d better ask me what is not the matter with me, doctor. I seem to be suffering from all the illnesses imaginable: insomnia, headache, backache, indigestion, constipation and pains in the stomach. To make things still worse, I’ve caught a cold, I’ve got a sore throat, and I’m constantly sneezing and coughing. To crown it all, I had an accident the other day, hurt my right shoulder, leg and knee, and nearly broke my neck. If I take a long walk, I get short of breath. In fact, I feel more dead than alive.

Doctor: I’m sorry to hear that. Anyhow, I hope things aren’t as bad as you imagine. Let me examine you. Your heart, chest and lungs seem to be all right. Now open your mouth and show me your tongue. Now breathe in deeply through the nose... There doesn’t seem to be anything radically wrong with you, but it’s quite clear that you’re rundown, and if you don’t take care of yourself, you may have a nervous break-down and have to go to hospital. I advise you, first of all, to stop worrying. Take a long rest, have regular meals, keep to a diet of salads and fruit, and very little meat. Keep off alcohol. If possible, give up smoking, at least for a time. Have this tonic made up and take two tablespoonfuls three times a day before meals. If you do this, I can promise you full recovery within two or three months.

Patient: And if I don’t, doctor?

Doctor: Then you’d better make your will, if you haven’t yet done so!

Patient: I see. Well, thank you, doctor. I shall have to think it over and decide which is the lesser evil — to follow your advice or prepare for a better world!

to make things still worse — хуже того, как назло • гірше того, як на зло

constantly — постоянно • постійно

to crown it all — в завершение всего • на довершення всього

accident — несчастный случай, катастрофа • нещасливий випадок, катастрофа

to get short of breath — иметь одышку • мати задишку

to feel more dead than alive — еле живой • ледь живий

to imagine — представлять, воображать • уявляти

to breathe — дышать • дихати

to have regular meals — регулярно питаться • регулярно харчуватися

to keep to a diet — придерживаться диеты • дотримуватися дієти

to keep off alcohol — не употреблять спиртного • не вживати спиртного

full recovery — полное выздоровление • повне одужання

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