Розмовні теми частина 1 - Т. М. Гужва 2003

Cities (London, Washington, Kyiv, Moscow)

Washington, the capital of the United States of America, is situated on the Potomac River in the District of Columbia. The district is a piece of land ten miles square and it does not belong to any separate state but to all the states. The district is named in honour of Columbus, the discoverer of America.

The capital owes much to the first President of the USA — George Washington. It was George Washington, who chose the place for the District and laid in 1790 the comer-stone of the Capitol, where Congress sits.

Washington is not the largest city in the USA. It has a population of 900,000 people.

Washington is a one-industry city. That industry is government. It does not produce anything except very much scrap paper. Every day 25 railway cars leave Washington loaded with scrap paper. The city's main output are laws and government decisions. Besides, Washington is the residence of the President and the Congress of the United States.

The White House is the President’s residence. All American presidents except George Washington (the White House was not yet built in his time) lived in the White Hall. It is a two-storeyed building which was built in 1799.

Not far from the Capitol there is Washington Monument, which looks like a very big pencil. It rises 160 metres and is hollow inside. A special lift brings visitors to the top in 70 seconds from where they can enjoy a beautiful view of the whole city.

Jefferson Memorial was built in memory of the third President of the USA, Thomas Jefferson, who was also the author of the Declaration of Independence. The memorial is surrounded by cherry-trees.

Lincoln Memorial is devoted to the memory of the 16th President of the USA, the author of Emancipation Proclamation, which gave freedom to Negro slaves in America.

On the other bank of the Potomac lies the Arlington National Cemetery where President Kennedy was buried. American soldiers and officers, who died in World War I and II are buried there too.

Washington is a large scientific and cultural centre. There are five universities, a lot of research institutes, the National Academy of Sciences and the Library of Congress.

Among its well-known buildings is the Pentagon, the residence of the US Military department.

Word List on the Topic «Washington»

Washington — Вашингтон • Вашингтон

to be situated — располагаться, находиться • розташовуватися, знаходитися

the Potomac River — река Потомак • ріка Потомок

the District of Columbia — округ Колумбия • округ Колумбія

separate — отдельный • окремий

to be named in honour of — быть названным в честь • бути названим на честь

to owe much to — быть обязанным многом • бути багато в чому зобов’язаним

the Capitol — Капитолий • Капітолій

scrap paper — макулатура • макулатура

to load — загружать, нагружать • завантажувати, навантажувати

the President’s residence — резиденция президента • резиденція президента

to rise (rose; risen) — вставать, подниматься • підводитися, підніматися

hollow — полый, пустой • порожній

to enjoy a beautiful view — наслаждаться красивым видом • насолоджуватися красивим краєвидом

to be surrounded — быть окруженным • бути оточеним

the Arlington National Cemetery — Арлингтонское национальное кладбище • Арлінгтонський національний цвинтар

to be buried — быть похороненным • бути похованим

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