Розмовні теми частина 1 - Т. М. Гужва 2003

Cities (London, Washington, Kyiv, Moscow)

a) Read and act the dialogues.

b) Make up the dialogues based on the models using as many words as possible dealing with the topic «Cities».

Dialogue 16-1

Asking for Directions

A: Excuse me.

B: Yes? Can I help you?

А: I'm looking for the men’s shoe department.

B: It’s on the third floor. The escalator is over there.

A: Thank you.

C: Good morning. Can I help you?

D: Yes. I have an appointment with Mrs. Bedoya, the sales manager.

C: What time is your appointment?

D: Eleven-thirty.

C: Right. You’re Ms. O’Hare, aren’t you?

D: Yes, that’s right.

C: Take the elevator to the third floor. Go down the hall to the left. Mrs. Bedoya’s office is the third door on the right. You can’t miss it.

D: Thank you.

C: Don’t bother to knock. Just go right in. She’s expecting you.

E: Excuse me.

F: Yes?

E: I’m lost. Is this the way to Wakulla?

F: No, you’re on the wrong road. This is US 19 going south to Tampa.

E: Oh, no. Well, can you tell me the way to Wakulla?

F: Go back about 20 miles and turn left on 319, then go about 4 miles and left again on 363.

E: 319 then 363?

F: That’s right. 363 is the road to Wakulla. You’ll see signs along the way.

G: Does this bus go to Fiftieth Street?

H: Yes, it does. Step in, please.

G: What’s the fare?

H: Seventy-five cents.

G: Ok. Here’s a dollar».

H: Can’t you read? «Exact change only».

G: Oh, ok. I have three quarters here. Can you tell me when we get to Fiftieth Street?

H: Ok.

G: Thanks a lot.

(from «American Stream line»)

appointment — встреча • зустріч

elevator (Am.) — лифт • ліфт

«Exact change only» — «без сдачи» • «без здачі»

Dialogue 16-2


— Is it possible to see anything in London in one or two days?

— Well, I think it is.

— What do you think I ought to see first?

— Well, if you’re interested in churches and historical places, you should go to Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament, St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Tower. Do you like Art Galleries?

— Rather.

— Then why not go to the National Gallery?

— I’m told one ought to see the British Museum. Do you think I shall have time for that?

— Well, you might, but if I were you, I should leave that for some other day. You could spend a whole day there. It’s much too big to be seen in an hour or so.

— I suppose it is. What about going to the Zoo?

— That’s not a bad idea. You could spend a couple of hours there comfortably, or even a whole afternoon, watching the wild animals, birds and reptiles. You could have tea there too.

— I’ll do that then. How do I get there?

— Let me see. Where are we? Oh, here’s the BBC. I think your best way from here is to walk across Regent Park.

— Is it much of a walk?

— Oh, no, a quarter of an hour or so, but if you’re in a hurry, why not take a taxi.

— I think I will. Ah, there’s one coming. Taxi! The Zoo, please.

(from English Linguaphone Course)

reptile — пресмыкающееся • плазун

to be in a hurry — спешить • поспішати

Dialogue 16-3

Asking the Way

— Excuse me, can you tell me the way to Trafalgar Square?

— Certainly. Go down Regent to Piccadilly Circus, and then go down the Haymarket. Turn to the left at the bottom and in less than a minute you’ll be in Trafalgar Square.

— Thank you very much. How far is it from here?

— If you walk, it’ll take you ten minutes or a quarter of an hour.

— Is there a bus?

— There’s sure to be. But you’d better ask the policeman over there. He’ll give you all the information you want.

— Thank you.

— Excuse me, officer, is there a bus from here to Trafalgar Square?

— Yes, sir, any bus’ll take you. There’s a bus-stop just over there. Ask the conductor to put you down at Trafalgar Square.

— Thank you.

— Does this bus go to Trafalgar Square?

— Yes, sir. Come along, hurry up... No room on top, inside only- no standing on the platform... pass down the bus, please... Sorry, full up... Sorry, sir, you can’t smoke inside, you’ll have to wait until there’s room upstairs... Fares, please.

— Trafalgar Square, please... and will you tell me when we get there?

— Trafalgar Square! This is where you get off, sir.

— Thank you.

(from London Linguaphone Course)

hurry up — поторопитесь • покваптеся

no room — нет места • немає місця

Dialogue 16-4

The Metro

Travelling on the Washington Metro presents few difficulties for visitors because of the clear color-coded map. At the bottom of the map you will find fare and travel time information. You buy your farecard at one of the yellow vending machines. You can use nickels, dimes, quarters, one-dollar and five-dollar bills, and the machine will give you change. You have to use your farecard to enter the Metro system by inserting it into the slot at the gate. It will be returned to you at the other side of the gate. Do the same thing when exiting the system.

Listen to these people talking about the Metro map, and follow their routes on the map.

Piero and Margherita have just arrived at National Airport.

Piero: Ok. We have to get to Deanwood. Can you see it? Margherita: Yes, it’s up here. It looks so easy. We just take the Yellow Line to L’Enfant Plaza, then change to the Orange Line. It goes straight there. It’s the seventh stop from L’Enfant Plaza. Betsy is at the information booth at the Pentagon.

Betsy: Excuse me. How do I get to Connecticut Avenue and Q Street? I mean, which is the nearest Metro station?

Attendant: You want Dupont Circle. Take a look at the map. You take the Yellow Line to Gallery Place. Then you’ll have to change for the Red Line. It’s the third stop.

Betsy: I see.

Attendant: Or you could take the Blue Line to Metro Center and change to the Red Line there.

Betsy: Which way is faster?

Attendant: It’s about the same.

Betsy: Well, thank you.

Alice and Fred are at Capital Heights.

Fred: Where’s a map?

Alice: There’s one over here. They said we have to meet them at Farragut North. Can you find it?

Fred: Yes, here it is. I guess we take the Blue Line to L’Enfant Plaza, then change to the Yellow Line and go to Gallery Place. Then we go two stops to Farragut North.

Alice: I’m not sure that’s the quickest way. We could take the Blue Line all the way to Metro Center and get the Red Line there. Then it’s only one stop.

Fred: We might as well do it your way. It’s only eleven stops. My way has twelve stops.

(from «American Streamline»)

nickel — монета 5 центов • монета 5 центів

dime — монета 10 центов • монета 10 центів

quarter — монета 25 центов • монета 25 центів

one-dollar bill — купюра 1 доллар • купюра 1 долар

slot — щель • щілина

information booth — справочное бюро • довідкове бюро

to change for — пересаживаться на • пересідати на

to guess — догадываться • здогадуватися

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