Розмовні теми частина 1 - Т. М. Гужва 2003

Cities (London, Washington, Kyiv, Moscow)

Exercise 16-1

Answer the following questions:

1. What is your native town (city)? Do you like it? Give the reason.

2. When was London founded?

3. Who turned London into a sizeable port and important trading centre?

4. What is the population of London?

5. Why is London one of the most famous capital cities of the world?

6. What part of London is the richest one?

7. What district is inhabited by the poor?

8. What river flows through London?

9. What places of interest are there in London?

10. What Abbey is situated near the Houses of Parliament?

11. Have you ever been to London?

12. What is the capital of the United States?

13. What are the most famous things in Washington?

14. In whose honour is the District of Columbia named?

15. Who was the first president of the USA?

16. What is the population of Washington?

17. What industries are there in the city?

18. Where is the president’s residence?

19. Who is the author of the Declaration of Independence?

20. Who was buried at the Arlighton National Cemetery?

21. What is the capital of Ukraine?

22. When was Kyiv founded?

23. What historical places are there in Kyiv?

24. Is Kyiv the centre of Ukrainian culture?

25. Which theatre has one of the best opera and ballet companies?

26. Are the performances staged at the Ivan Franko Drama Theatre always a success?

27. What monuments are there in Kyiv?

28. Which street is one of the widest and most beautiful streets in Kyiv?

29. What theatres and museums are there in Kyiv?

30. What city is the capital of Russia?

31. What is the territory of Moscow?

32. When was Moscow founded?

33. What Moscow theatres are the oldest ones?

34. What is the largest and the most famous educational establishment in Moscow?

35. What impresses the visitors and guests in the capital of Russia?

Exercise 16-2

(based on the topic «At the Doctor»).

Fill in the missing words:

1. London is the home of the nation’s _____ and finance, the main centre of the _____ system and press.

2. Sightseeing tours in London usually start in _____ .

3. Tourists are particularly impressed by the _____ there in the centre of the square.

4. From Trafalgar Square you can go along down Whitehall and see the _____ which stretch along the _____ North Bank.

5. _____, the famous clock, is in one of the Towers.

6. Near the Parliament there is _____ , an old beautiful chapel.

7. The south side of Abbey is called _____ , where famous British writers and poets lie.

8. The City and the West End are the _____ of the capital.

9. One of the greatest monuments is _____ which is the Sir Christopher Wren’s _____ .

10. _____ is the largest park in London, which is _____ for its Speaker’s Comer.

11. Washington, the capital of the United States, is situated on the _____ River in the District of _____ .

12. The capital owes much to the first President of the USA — _____ .

13. The only industry in Washington is _____ .

14. The city’s main output are _____ and government _____ .

15. The _____ is the President’s residence.

16. Not far from the Capitol is the _____ Monument, which looks like a very big _____ .

17. Jefferson Memorial was built in memory of the third President of the USA, _____ , who was also the author of the _____ .

18. Lincoln Memorial is devoted to the memory of the 16th president of the US, the author of _____ , which gave freedom to the Negro slaves in America.

19. Among its well-known buildings is _____ , the residence of the US Military department.

20. Kyiv is famous not only for its _____ (it was called «the Mother of All Rus’ Cities»), but for its beauty, for the _____ of places of historic _____ in it.

21. The visitors are impressed by _____ Monastery which stands on the green hill above the Dnieper and its _____ gold cupolas can be seen from outside the country.

22. The huge gateway from _____ Street opens on the territory of another ancient monument — _____ which is a state architectural and historical preserve.

23. Many _____ institutes and higher educational _____ are to be found here.

24. The city of Moscow was founded in _____ by _____ who strengthened it with _____ walls and ditch.

25. Theatre-goers who are _____ enough to get tickets may go to the _____ to see an opera or a ballet there.

26. There are a lot of educational _____ in the city but the largest and the most famous one is________________________ which is situated on a _____ hills and from there one can enjoy the most beautiful _____ of the whole city.

Exercise 16-3

In the space provided, mark each true statement T and each false one F:

□ 1. Westminster Abbey is situated in London.

□ 2. Trafalgar Square is one of New York’s squares.

□ 3. The largest and the tallest building in London is the Capitol.

□ 4. The White House is the seat of British government.

□ 5. Jefferson Memorial was built in memory of the first president of the United States — George Washington.

□ 6. Lincoln Memorial is devoted to the memory of the 16th President of the USA.

□ 7. The Statue of Liberty is situated in Washington.

□ 8. New York is situated on the Potomac river.

□ 9. London, the capital of Great Britain, lies in the valley of the Thames.

□ 10. One of the oldest buildings in Washington is the Tower.

□ 11. St. Paul’s Cathedral is the most striking building in London, was designed by Sir Christopher Wren, an outstanding American architect.

□ 12. One of London’s attractions is its parks, Hyde Park the most famous of them.

Exercise 16-4

Make up the dialogues using pictures from the next page:

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