Розмовні теми з англійської мови для вступу до аспірантури -

My Boigraphy

Let me introduce myself. My name is Yuri Shevchuk. I am nineteen. I would like to be a professional manager. I study management at Ternopil Ivan Pul’uj National Technical University. Now I am in my second year and hope to become a manager in a building company. I always try to prepare to practical classes and seminars well. I spend a lot of time in the library reading specialized literature and preparing materials for my coursework. I am good at English and attend advanced classes in this subject. My teachers say that I am a promising student.

I don’t live with my family at the moment; I live in the students’ hostel. My relatives live not far from Ternopil, in the town of Zbarazh. They have a flat of their own in a block of flats. My mother Svitlana is a math teacher in a secondary school. She is forty-two. My father died three years ago, so my mother is a widow. The family is a bit short of money at present, so my mother has to teach extra classes at the local technical college to make ends meet.

I have a small sister Nadia, who is only ten. We are very much alike. We look like our father. We have wavy hair and blue eyes and we both are slim. We like music, especially Ukrainian folk songs. When I come home to see my family, we all like to sing together.

There are a lot of books by both Ukrainian and foreign writers in their home. My father, who was a Ukrainian language teacher, used to collect them for me and my sister. We both do a lot of reading. We like to discuss what we have read. As a family we are very close. I am looking forward to getting a well- paid job, so I can help my sister to get a good education. One of my dreams is to travel around the world.

Words and word combinations:

be good at: мати хороші навички

advanced: передовий, вдосконалений

block of flats: багатоповерхівка

to make ends meet: зводити кінці з кінцями

slim: стрункий

folk songs: народі пісні

used to: зазвичай, бувало

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