Розмовні теми з англійської мови для вступу до аспірантури -


There is an old proverb «Practice makes perfect» which means that an experienced specialist is able to cope with any task. To train such highly- qualified, skilled and creatively thinking specialists is the main purpose of our university. That is why the profound study of theory should be accompanied by practical training. There exit many ways of gaining practical skills in your field of specialization, while you are still studying for degree. In most cases, practical training begins with the work in laboratories of the university and is completed at industrial enterprises.

Besides, you may participate in the work of students’ construction bureau or take some relevant job during your summer vacations. But even if you don’t feel like working in summer, you are sure to acquire the necessary practical experience in specialized laboratories during the academic year.

There is a number of general laboratories in our university intended for practical work of students of all specialties, for example, the laboratories of physics and chemistry.

Besides, each department of the university is provided with its own laboratory facilities, so that students could acquire skills according to the specialty chosen. Some laboratories are equipped with various apparatuses and measuring devices, while in others, computers of different generations are installed.

The work in the laboratories enables students to assess the practical value of their knowledge, master the basic experimental techniques necessary for their further research activity. Students also can learn how to handle modern equipment, independently find solutions to problems that arise in the process of work, and analyse the results obtained.

The laboratory experiments are carried out under the guidance of qualified teachers and in the presence of laboratory assistants. Before performing a laboratory work, students get acquainted with the instruction which contains the description of installations to be used and presents an order in which the lab exercise should be done and other useful information. After completing the work, students write down and analyze the results.

One will never benefit from theoretical knowledge, unless he applies theory to practice.

Words and word combinations:

to cope with: справлятися з

profound study: глибоке вивчення

practical training: практичний тренінг

to gain practical skills: отримати практичні навички

construction bureau: конструкторське бюро

to acquire: здобувати

to provide with: забезпечити

to assess: оцінювати

to carry out: виконувати

to get acquainted with: познайомитися

to benefit from: отримати вигоду з

data: дані

device: пристрій

to be engaged in: займатися

enterprise: підприємство

fundamentals: основи

to guide: керувати

hardware: технічне забезпеченя

to be intended for: призначений для

to investigate: розслідувати

to master: освоїти

to mean: означати

to solve: вирішити

solution: рішення

software: програмне забезпечення

to transfer: передати

value: значення

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