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Our University

Engineering is one of the professions involving special training. Students spend years studying at universities to become an engineer. Our university offers an extensive range of opportunities for those who want to become specialists in engineering. Temopil Ivan Pul’uj National Technical University is a modem educational, scientific and technical institution in Western Ukraine. The history of the University dates back to 1960 when it was a department of the Lviv Polytechnic. In 1991 Ternopil Instrument-Making Institute was founded on the basis of a branch of Lviv Polytechnic Institute. The restructuring of the regional economy caused its significant structural renovation. From narrow-specialized establishment it gradually developed into a multidisciplinary higher technical educational institution.

TNTU structure consists of 5 faculties: Engineering Machinery, Constructions, and Technologies; Applied Information Technologies and Electrical Engineering; Computer Information Systems and Software Engineering, Business and Management; and Foreign Students Faculty. Skilled engineers, managers, psychologists, specialists in marketing and finance are trained at 36 departments of the University. The Ternopil Ivan Pul'uj National Technical University also includes the technical high school, Husyatyn and Zboriv technical colleges. The campus of the University includes 11 educational and research buildings, 6 dormitories, gyms, cafeteria, sports club with modern swimming pool, leisure center. Now this is the technical institution of higher education that provides training of all education levels, doctors and candidates of sciences for all Ukrainian regions. Curricula are realized for specialists, bachelors and masters programs. A Bachelor’s degree requires four years of studying, a Specialist’s degree - five years, and to obtain a Master’s degree one must take a furter year of studying. The University students undergo a continual process of education, and have many general and special courses. In the first two years mathematics, physics, chemistry, history, foreign languages and other general subjects are emphasized throughout the curriculum. Mathematics is very important not only for the future engineers but also for economists and managers. As computers and automation have already changed the way we work and what we do, and are now changing the world in which we work, computer programming is now included in almost all engineering curricula. Besides, current trend for students is also to take courses in social sciences, economics and languages.

During the last two years students acquire skills and knowledge within their field of specialization. For example, those who study at mechanical engineering faculty study theoretical mechanics, strength of materials, computer aided design, etc. All University specialized courses are designed to provide the highest quality, up-to-date training and experience possible. University meets the needs of the region in highly qualified professionals. Employment opportunities for our graduates exist in different spheres. Professional engineers may work as design engineers, creating new products, product installation engineers, sale engineers. Those concerned with power stations, electrical grids, automobiles and other machines may work as maintenance engineers. In other words, specialists in engineering may work almost in all spheres of industry. The graduates of the University can find a well-paid job in Ukraine as well as abroad (Poland, Germany, USA, Canada etc.).

Words and word combinations:

opportunity: можливість;

restructuring: перебудовування;

Instrument-Making: приладо-будівний;

renovation: оновлення;

campus: матеріальна база; кампус;

curricula: навчальні програми;

course: навчальний курс;

to acquire: набувати;

automation: автоматизація;

graduate: випускник;

computer aided design: системи автоматизованого проектування;

mechanical engineering: машинобудування;

computer programming: комп'ютерне програмування.

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