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1. Choose the correct variant.

1 Did they finish cooking just/ an hour ago?

2 I didn’t do the homework. I think the teacher will be / is going to be angry.

3 Sarah will go / is going on holiday next week.

4 Paul isn’t going to meet / won’t meet us after school. He’s got football practice.

5 Maybe John and Mark won’t be / aren’t going to be in the football team. They aren’t good enough.

6 Before / Until we eat, I’ll make a salad.

7 I will buy a computer until / as soon as I have got enough money.

8 Before / When Jerry calls, we’ll tell him our plans.

9 The moment / After they are hungry, we’ll have dinner.

10 She hasn’t practiced the guitar on Tuesday / since Tuesday.

2. Put the verbs in the brackets in the correct tense. Sometimes more than one answer is possible.

1 Can I borrow your pen or (you / use) ______________________________________________ it at the moment?

2 The sun (rise) ______________________________________________ in the East.

3 They have been living here since they (get married) ______________________________________________ in 2001.

4 I (never visit) ______________________________________________ Dublin

5 While we (do sport) ______________________________________________ someone came in and left this note on the table.

6 At this time next Thursday I (have) ______________________________________________ lunch with my aunt.

7 I hope they (find) ______________________________________________ a better job by the end of the summer.

8 «Was Tom at the party when you arrived?» — ______________________________________________ «No, he (say) ______________________________________________ goodbye more than an hour before».

9 I believe that you (not like) ______________________________________________ him: he is so unfriendly.

10 I (not finish)_________ the book you bought me last Christmas yet.

11 (Jenny / change) ______________________________________________ her car recently?

12 Water (not boil) ______________________________________________ at 90°C.

13 — «Can you take me to the airport tonight?

«Of course, I (take) ______________________________________________ you. I'd be happy to.

14 He has cut my hair too short —

Don't worry; it (grow) ______________________________________________ again very quickly.

15 The milk (smell) ______________________________________________ bad. (You / keep) ______________________________________________ milk a long time?

16 They (build) ______________________________________________ that bridge when I (spend) ______________________________________________ my holidays here last year. They haven't finished it yet.

17 Everyone was studying quietly when suddenly, the door (open) ______________________________________________ wide and a complete stranger (come) ______________________________________________ in.

18 The clock is very slow. It isn't slow, it (stop) ______________________________________________.

19 «Has George decided what to do when he finishes school?’

«Oh yes, he has. His intentions are clear: He (take) ______________________________________________ a vacation for a few weeks, and then he (start) ______________________________________________ a computer programming course.

20 After we (see) ______________________________________________ the beautiful island, we took a boat to the continent.

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