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Unit 1. PEOPLE

1. Use these expressions to complete the following sentences.

to fancy smb. to be interested in smb. to be crazy about smb.   to flirt with smb.

1 My friend Jane likes Jack, but he __________ Anna.

2 Peter likes Jane but she __________ Bruce.

3 Anna __________ Tom. She speaks about him all the time.

4 Kate __________ all the boys from her class.

2. Use these words in the sentences.

aunt uncle niece grandmother grandfather granddaughters grandsons nephew cousins

1. Your parents' parents are your __________ and your __________.

2. Your father’s brother and sister are your __________ and your __________.

3. Your brother’s son and daughter are your __________ and your __________.

4. Your aunt’s and uncle’s children are your __________.

5. Your children’s children are your __________ and your __________.

3. Bead the test and do the task.

A. Neighbors

Tom: Hi Henry, it’s been a long time since we saw each other last. What have you been up to?

Henry: Hi Tom! It’s great to see you again. I’ve been away on business.

Tom: Really, where did you go?

Henry: Well, first I flew to New' York for two meetings. After that, I flew' to Atlanta, where I had to make a presentation at a company conference.

Tom: It sounds like you’ve been busy.

Henry: Yes, I’ve been very busy. It’s good to be home again. What have you been doing lately?

Tom: Oh, nothing much. I’ve been working in the garden these past few days. Alice has been away for the past two weeks visiting her relatives in Chicago.

Henry: I didn’t know she has family in Chicago.

Tom: Yes, that’s right. We met at university in California. She was born in Chicago and lived there until she went to college.

Henry: How long have you lived here in Colorado?

Tom: We’ve lived here for over 10 years. We moved here in 1998 because I had a new' job as a sales representative.

Henry: Have you lived in the same house since you arrived?

Tom: No, first we lived in a condo in downtown Denver. We moved here four years ago. We’ve lived on the street for four years and they’ve been the happiest years of our lives.

Henry: Yes, my wife Jane and I love this neighborhood.

Tom: And how long have you lived in your house?

Henry: We've only lived here for two years.

Tom: That’s strange, it seems like you have lived here longer than that.

Henry: No, we moved here in 2006.

Tom: How time flies!

Henry: I have to agree with you on that It seems like yesterday that I graduated from college. I can’t believe I’ve been working for more than 10 years!

Tom: I’ve been working for more than 30 years! I’m going to retire soon.

Henry: Really? You don’t look a day over 40!

Tom: Thank you. You’re a great neighbor!

Henry: No, really. Well, I have to get going. Work is waiting for me. Have a good day.

Tom: You, too. Glad to have you back in the neighbor!

B. Choose the correct item.

1 Where has Henry been?

A He’s been away on vacation

В He’s been away on holiday

C He’s been away on business.

2 Which city was not a destination on his business trip?

A Chicago.

В New York.

C Atlanta.

3 What has Tom been doing?

A Traveling to visit relatives

В Working in the garden

C Teaching school

4 What has Alice been doing?

A traveling for work

В visiting friends in Chicago

C visiting relatives in Chicago

5 When did Tom and his wife moved to Colorado?

A 10 years ago

В more than 10 years ago

C 2 years ago

6 How long has Tom and his wife lived in the neighborhood?

A more than 10 years

В 4 years

C 2 years

7 How long has Henry lived in the neighborhood?

A more than 10 years

В 2 years

C 6 years

8 How long has Tom long been working?

A more than 10 years

В more than 40 years

C more than 30 years

9 How long has Henry been working?

A more than 10 years

В more titan 20 years

C more titan 40 years

10 What surprises Henry?

A Tom’s wife

В Tom’s age

C Tom’s house

4. Read the text and do the task.

A The idea of Mother’s Day is a very old idea. This idea dates back to the ancient Egyptians, who celebrated a day to honor Isis, the mother of the pharaohs. The Egyptians were not the only ones who felt the need to honor their mothers. The ancient Greeks celebrated a day to honor Rhea, the mother of the gods. The Romans built a temple to the mother of the gods, named Magna Mater. They also held a celebration every March in her honor. The early Christians celebrated a day to honor Mary, the mother of Jesus. Later, English Christians expanded the celebration to honor all mothers. This English holiday was called «Mothering Sunday." When the English colonists came to America, they did not have time for Mothering Sunday, so the holiday was not celebrated in America During the U.S. Civil War, mothers on both sides of the war lost sons. The country was very sad. Grieving mothers from both sides had meetings. Sometimes families had been torn apart by the war. In 1868, Ann Reeves Jarvis started a committee to help families get back together after the war. This committee tried to establish a «Mothers’ Friendship Day" for mothers who had lost sons in the war. Unfortunately, Ann Reeves Jarvis died in 1905, so she did not see that the day eventually became popular. Another woman, Julia Ward Howe was also against the war. She was also against slavery. She declared the first official Mother’s Day in 1870, and held an anti-war Mother’s Day observance. She funded this observance with her own money every year for several years, but an annual Mother’s Day celebration still did not catch on in the U.S. However, the idea stayed alive. Meanwhile, Anna M. Jarvis, The daughter of Ann Reeves Jarvis, wanted to honor her mother. She requested that her mother’s West Virginia church be allowed to celebrate a Mother’s Day in 1908 in honor of her mother. Every mother at church that day received two carnations — Ann Reeves Jarvis’ favorite flower. Now, carnations and other flowers are associated with Mother’s Day because they were handed out at the first celebration of Mother’s Day. In 1914, the U.S. Congress passed a law which designated the second Sunday in May as Mother’s Day. In the same year, President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed the first Mother’s Day. He called for the flying of the flag to honor the mothers who had lost sons in war. Mother’s Day is celebrated in many other countries. In Mexico, Dia de las Madres is celebrated on May 10. It is a popular holiday celebrated by schools, churches, and civic groups. Children give their mothers flowers and handmade cards. Schools present performances in honor of mothers as part of the national observance of Dia de las Madres. In China, ten distinguished mothers are chosen to receive government recognition. National drives for mothers living in poverty are also held. The holiday is a demonstration of the respect the Chinese have for the elderly, and the love they have for their parents. In India, children send their mothers cards and flowers and cook a meal for their mothers. Companies launch women’s products on Mother’s Day, and restaurants advertise heavily for Mother’s Day; the day has become commercialized. In Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Ireland, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the same day as in the United States — the second Sunday in May. People mark the day in the same way that they do in the United States. Children give their mothers cards, gifts, and flowers. Churches and schools give special Mother’s Day presentations, and civic groups observe the day. The first President of the U.S., George Washington, said of his own mother, «My mother was the most beautiful woman I ever saw. All I am I owe to my mother. I attribute all my success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education I received from her.»

В Choose the correct item.

1 Who built a temple to Magna Matter?

A The Greeks

В The Romans

C The early Christians

D The American colonists

E None of the above

2 Why did Ann Reeves Jarvis want a special day?

A To help Civil War mothers

В To honor her own mother

C To honor mothers of soldiers

D Both A and C are correct.

E All of the above

3 What did mothers receive at the first Mother’s Day in West Virginia?

A flowers

В presents

C handmade cards

D Both A and В are correct.

E Both В and C are correct.

4 Which US President first proclaimed Mother’s Day?

A Harry Truman

В John Kennedy

C Woodrow Wilson

D Abraham Lincoln

E George Washington

5 In what year did the US Congress designate the second Sunday in May as Mother’s Day?

A 1862

В 1868

C 1908

D 1914

E 1962

C Choose the correct item.

1 The best synonym for honor is...

A respect.

В explain.

C perform.

D describe.

E decrease.

2 Expanded means...

A made larger.

В made famous.

C dressed up.

D made up.

E gave in.

3 What does funded mean?

A Looked at

В Celebrated

C Watched

D Paid for

E Both A and C are correct

4 The best synonym for designated is...

A required.

В named.

C wished.

D hired.

E left.

5 If something is commercialized it is...

A used to make a profit.

В celebrated for mothers.

C proclaimed a holiday.

D made into a new law.

E used to fund military expansion.

5. Read the following birth announcement. Then answer the questions below it.

Paul and Kerry McDonald would like to welcome their new son Christopher Casey to the clan! Weighing 4.2 kilograms, Chris was born on January 2nd at 3:30pm. He will join sister Rachel, 6 and brother Malcolm, 4 in the McDonald household in Vancouver, Canada. Christopher’s proud aunts Kathy McDonald and Sherry Smith were present at his birth. Grandparents, Lisa and Mike Smith were also present. Chris’s grandmother in Texas will be arriving soon to meet her new grandson. Cousins Jerry, Fern, and Lindsay can’t wait to meet baby Claris too! The proud parents would like to thank all of their extended family for the warm wishes and gifts.

1 What is Christopher’s mother’s name?

2 Who are Christopher’s siblings?

3 How' is Kathy McDonald related to the new bom?

4 Who will be coming to see Chris soon?

5 Who is Kathy in relation to Kerry?



You use look like to describe people's appearance.

What does she look like? She's tall and she's got fair hair.

She looks like a banker.

Who does he look like? He looks like his father.


You use be like to describe people's character.

What's he like? He's nice.

Who's he like? He's like his father.

1. Complete the sentences with like if necessary:

A What does she look ________? She looks ________ very kind.

В Who's she ________? She's ________ her mother.

C What's he ________? He's ________ lovely.

D Who does he look ________? He looks ________ his brother.

2. Match the questions and the answers.

A How old is he?  1 One metre seventy-eight.

В How tall is he?  2 Blond.

C What colour is his hair? 3 He's quite young, good-looking and slim.

D What does he look like? 4 Twenty-one.

3. Which arc adjectives and which arc nouns?

attractive bald beard beautiful brack blonde brown curly dark face fair fat glasses good-looking hair head kind long man middle-aged nice moustache old pretty medium-height round short shy slim square tall straight teenager thin woman young bad boring crazy cute drive uncle fantastic funny happy interesting lovely odd peaceful poor sad subjects

weird terrible tail proud cool playful hard-working sister selfish boy realible dedicated brother father mother adorable obedient tame restless humble

courageous optimistic confident cow horse pretty all fairly short wavy small ugly grey red eyes parents glasses people big blue mouth nose careful clever cold confident fit imaginative intelligent kind lazy nervous calm optimistic patient pessimistic polite quiet rude sensitive daughter serious tidy thoughtful good grandfather cousins son thin strong

4. Which adjectives can you use to talk about:

height — age — looks — build — character

5. Think of a famous person. Describe your appearance.

6. Describe your appearance. First, make notes about these aspects of your appearance:

age — height — looks — hair — build — eyes — nose — mouth — weight

7. Now, write sentences describing your appearance.

8. Write five true information about your appearance and two false. Show to your friends. Can they find the false information?

9. Write a letter describing what von look like:

Dear Mr. Freeman,

I am looking forward to meeting you at the station next Monday. I will be there at ten o'clock and will wait for you on the platform.

(describe your appearance)

Yours sincerelly,

(write your full name here)

Виконайте тест

Під час роботи над тестом не можна користуватися будь-якими підручниками, посібниками, словниками тощо.


Read the text below. Choose the correct answer (A, В, C or D).

Alice is 18. She studies at the London School of Music and Dance. Alice is talking to her best friend about her groupmates. "I don’t like Chris. Though he is very popular with our girls, I think he is conceited and (1) ________. His suits are very expensive, and he loves looking at himself in the mirror. He is also (2) ________. One minute life is wonderful and the next minute he gets angry. When he starts (3) ________ somebody, all students in the school know about this. Moreover, he is (4) ________: he is always trying to grab more than he needs. My favourite character is Debbie. She is very (5) ________. She often stays at school after classes. She likes helping people, she is very kind and (6) ________. Kate is a daughter of my mother’s sister. She is my (7) ________. Kate is in her early twenties. She is 1.50 m. tall and weigts 47 kg. She is (8) ________ and (9) ________. Kate is married. Her daughter, Deborah, is 18 months. Deborah is a (10) ________.Kate doesn’t like when her husband speaks to other girls. She is (11) ________. I was really (12) ________ when Kate said they would split up if her husband didn’t stop getting on her nerves. I think she is not right.»


A shy

В vain

C crazy

D friendly


A amuzing

В kind

C cruel

D moody


A meeting

В flirting

C dating

D gathering


A greedy

В ambitious

C jealous

D patient


A lazy

В quiet

C hard working

D inactive


A gentle

В careless

C cruel

D proud


A sister-in-law

В niece

C cousin

D aunt


A low

В short

C tall

D high


A stocky

В slim

C plump

D little


A baby

В child

C teenager

D toddler


A jealous

В bored

C confused

D quilty


A amazed

В tired

C happy

D shocked

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